Superfun Company is following up their Toxic Teddies Ramones set with a set of the Misfits.  They also have a brand new Toxic Teddies line based on classic horror films.  It looks like The Shining, Jaws, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Planet of the Apes to me.


Ron English’s Cathy Cowgirl might
have been one of the more shocking figures at Toy Fair (well maybe not
as shocking as devil baby dolls).  The figure is statuesque and made of
resin.  Some might call it udder-ly ridiculous (bad, bad joke).


Will Sweeney's comic, Tales from Greenfuzz, has introduced us to a number of wild characters. Next up is The Kebab Henchmen (Kleptikos and Periwinkle).  They are the skewered sidekicks of Helmut the Hot Dog Man…remember the hot dog with a tommy gun?


Rocket World's updated version of their Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo Rocket Ship was on display.  The rocket will be able house the mini line of figures and their accessories.  The full sized Henson the Polar Bear and Septimius the Black Bear were also on display.


James Jarvis’ Vortigern’s Machine graphic novel has given us Mr. Vortigern, Harvey and Jubs.  Amos now introduces us to Rusty & Dworkin, Wiggs, Mr. Waverley and The Witch Doctor.  They will also be releasing the Mr. Vortigern and the Great Sage of Wisdom comic book.


Superdeux’s new Shikito figure was on display.  It looks like a multi-colored, smiley-faced Hershey Kiss (…or maybe a turd).  Wootini and Jermaine Rogers’ second figure – Squire – was also being shown off.  This figure might be the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen!   


The Circus Punks guys are doing their second series of mini punks.  (Designs by: Tara McPherson, Jermaine Rogers, Reuben Rude, Jeremyville, tokidoki, Craola, Joe Ledbetter and Peter Bagge).  Playbeast was showing off their Monsterism Island line as well as the Cardboy Sneakers figures.  And the guys from Friends With You had a bunch of new plushies on display including their Malfis.