Blackwater Toys were on hand to premier their first toy line – Kuggs.  This series of toys will be built upon a strong back-story.  Briefly, it details the plight of an everyday guy who wakes up one day and realizes that there is something else in life (other than the daily drudge of work, etc.)  So all of the symbols on the actual figure have some significance in the story.


The first 2 figures will be named Sheep and Black Sheep.  Each large figure will contain a mini subway train and several inch tall mini figures.  One nice detail in this line is that each hand of the large figure contains magnets.  These then work with the subway train (which has 2 magnets) and the mini figure (1 magnet).

The packaging is also worth mentioning.  It is shaped like half of a subway train and they can be placed next to each other to form a full train.  Look for this line to be launched before the San Diego Comic Con.


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