The most anticipated award of the 2005 is the Toy of the Year.  This is only open to vinyl (as we’ve already given our Best Plush toy to Thomas Han’s Cosmic Quigly).  This was a very difficult category to narrow down to only three…but we were able to do!


Gary Taxali’s Toy Monkey simply did not get enough press last year.  It was an amazing art piece that reminds us of the early 1900’s.  Who doesn’t love that sad look and removable fez?  Hopefully we hear more from Taxali and Chump Toys.


Have you ever heard of Joe Ledbetter’s Fire Cat?  It was made by Wheaty Wheat Studios and was, by far and away, one of the most popular figures of the past year.  We actually could have included all of the Ledbetter toys…but I chose this one as my favorite of the lot.


STRANGEco had a runaway hit with their MARS-1 Observer.  This figure had multiple colorways – the black version being my favorite.  It’s for all of us fans of astronauts and outer space.

Winner: Joe Ledbetter’s Fire Cat
Ledbetter’s Mr. Bunny won our Reader’s Choice award…however, my favorite of Joe’s Wheaty Wheat figures is the Fire Cat.  It’s a truly unique figure as you all probably know.  With so many great figures is 2005 – what can we expect this year?