McFarlane Toys recently launched two series of figures: Dragons and Military.  Both of these original series of toys are still in their infant stages.  This is the 2nd series of McFarlane’s Dragons and there have only been 3 series of McFarlane’s Military.

McFarlane’s Military 2nd Tour of Duty is made of 6 unique figures.  Three branches of the military are represented: Army, Military and Navy.  This line is the most detailed ensemble of military inspired figures out there.


My favorite figure in this line is the Army Paratrooper figure.  Just check out the details!  The only strange thing is…doesn’t it look like Dave Coulier was the model used for this figure?  I think the sculptor was watching a little too much Full House.

McFarlane’s Dragons Series 2 is known as The Quest for the Lost King.
There are 6 figures in the series.  The two standouts in this line are
the Komodo and the Sorcerers Dragon (pictured below).  These figures
are extremely detailed…like all of the McFarlane work.


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