Gimix Toys first release is the 4 figure line of Vice Do’s and Don’ts.  They teamed up with Gavin McInnes (the founder of Vice Magazine) and Pat McEown (the cartoonist).  I’m still not exactly sure what the difference between the Do’s and Don’ts are…but it makes for some interesting reading.


The line of Do’s and Don’ts contains 4 different characters.  They are split into 2 Do’s and 2 Don’ts.  There is one girl and one guy in each set.  Becky and Craig are considered the Don’ts while Beatrice and Baby Balls are the Do’s.


Each package is designed like a New York City bodega.  The front and sides are see-through, so it’s a box that can stand up in your collection.  Even though each package looks identical, they all contain a specialized bio.  The amusing bio tells readers exactly why the character is either a Do or a Don’t.  There is also a funny Stats section that tells of height, weight, political beliefs, favorite bands, etc.


Craig is the burly, meathead looking guy.  He’s a Don’t.  Craig’s
packaged with a big ‘ol red hat, wrap around UV-protective shades and
an MP3-cellphone-Wi-Fi gadget. There is a slight problem that occurs
where the top and the bottom of the figure’s body line up.  It almost
seems like his torso is a quarter of an inch off.  If this would be
fixed, the score would increase around 5 points. 87%


Becky is the female Don’t.  She is pumped full of unnaturalness and
that has left her with a little too much air in her head.  Becky also
isn’t wearing enough clothes…as can be seen by her thong wedgie.  She
does not come with any accessories and has 3 points of articulation.  I
really like the sculpting work on this line since it has a funny, comic
feel to it. 96%


Baby Balls is a nerdy looking guy who enjoys wearing corduroy jeans
with his polo shirts.  I’m not really sure why he’s a Do...but he is.
And what kind of nickname is Baby Balls anyway?  His main accessory is
a beer bottle, which fits securely in his ‘beer hand’. 91%


Beatrice is the ‘Do Girl’.  She’s all dolled up in her blue jeans and
white tank top.  Since her glasses are removable, you can either show
Bea off with or without her specs.  She also has a yellow purse that is
secured against her leg. 97%

I think the sculpting work on this line is well above average.  I like
it for not being a highly publicized artist/designer series.  They are
just some fun toys with some funny reading that accompanies.  And each
figure only runs $17.99.  They are all currently available through the
Gimix Toys website.  It’s a pretty fun first offering; I’m wondering
what they have planned next.


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