Those twisted guys behind the Toxic Teddies line of disturbing bears have gotten a hold of a rockin’ license – The Ramones.  That’s right…Joey, Johnny, Marky and Dee Dee have been transformed into punk rockin’ little bears.

Super Fun Company
has been known to push the envelope when it comes to their Toxic Teddies.  Blood and gore has been the norm…however they have now released their spray painting SEEN teddies as well as this new Ramones set.  We still enjoy teddy bears with their brains blown out, but it’s equally cool to see the line expanding.

From what I know, this is the only licensed version of the
original punk rockers available.  Of course they are not going to look
like the real Ramones…unless the band was a bunch of singing bears.
However, the hairdos and outfits are right on target.


The set packaging will appeal to collectors who enjoy displaying
their figures in the box.  There is a nice background with speakers and
the Ramones logo.  It almost appears that they are performing a concert
right inside of the box.


Each figure is approximately 3 and a half inches tall.  If
you don’t own any of the Toxic Teddies figs, you should know that they
are solid resin and well-constructed toys.  You should also be aware of
fake lines out there.  There are a few other companies putting out
products eerily similar to what Super Fun Company has spent years


The Ramones line was introduced at Comic Con back in July, and the set is currently available through the Toxic Teddies website.  They are selling it for $32.99.
Four figures for just under 33 bucks is a fairly good deal.  If you are
also interested in any of the other Toxic Teddies lines, they are also
available through the website…priced between $9.99 and $17.99.

So what’s next for the Toxic Teddies crew?  More licensed material
or more blood and guts?  Hmm…I think it’s all great!  I can’t wait to
see what they have on tap.  I’m sure it will be eye opening!

Overall Grade: 93%


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