Were you wondering what lines McFarlane Toys will be putting out in 2006?  Well, there are a number of lines you might be interested in.  Of course, I'm sure they will be adding new licenses to this list, but this is the preliminary list.

February 2006
Corpse Bride Poster 2-Pack

March 2006
Simpsons Box Set - Ironic Punishment
Wallace & Gromit 6" Asst.
Wallace & Gromit 3" Asst.
Wallace & Gromit - Gromit 12" Plush
Wallace & Gromit - Wererabbit 18" Plush

April 2006
Napoleon Dynamite Asst. w/sound
Napoleon Dynamite Box Set w/sound

May 2006
Simpsons Box Set - Family Couch Gag

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