The folks from Pretty Ugly Inc. were kind enough to provide a group of very special kids with some great Halloween gifts.  The students of Mrs. Slivka's class (yes...that would be my wife) received brand new Little Uglys.  Considering the kindergarten through 2nd grade children were playing with 15-20 year old toys, they were very excited to get their own Little Uglys.

It's great to see a company donate toys to kids who can really use them.  These children probably have no clue that people their parents age collect Uglydolls by the truckload.  They just see them as a fun, new toy.  And that's the way it should be.

If you'd like to purchase your own Little Ugly, check out the Uglydoll Store.  Also, look for Uglydolls in the new hit movie - Zathura.


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