A few weeks ago we introduced you to Miss Monster (aka Melita Curphy).  If you have not checked out her website since then, you’ll be surprised by the changes that have taken place.  She’ll be adding a store shortly, and if you are interested in any of her handmade toys…you can email her to ask questions.


Miss Monster sent in one of her plush creations as well as a painted wall mask.  The plush figure also includes a monster face that has been cast in plastic and painted.  Both of these should be available through the online store at MissMonster.com.


The painted wall mask is actually available as a model kit.  It is
cast in plastic and approximately 8 inches in width.  You would then be
responsible for the painting of the mask.  The model also comes with a
hook that is attached to the rear of the piece.  This enables the mask
to be hung on a wall hook.  It’s a nice design that truly embodies Miss
Monster’s work – the monster face, cat-like ears and big teeth.

The plush monster doll stands in at over 12 inches in height.  There should
be three or so sizes available, however, you might need to double check
that as the new site store launches.  This plush is well sewn and has
attached plastic pieces that are securely fastened (always a good
thing).  There is a plastic cast face and three claws on each hand.


The paintwork on the plastic face is very well done.  Again, the
face is a perfect example of Melita’s drawing style come to life.  It
also appears that some of the red fur has been dyed on the rear of the
figure as well as the hands and feet.  This gives it a two-toned look
(red and blue) that matches the characters face.

The plush also has several strands of beads hanging from the back of
its head.  I wouldn’t pull on these, as it’s only one string and
wouldn’t take much to snap it.  Then you’d have an injured plush and a
mess of beads on the floor.


Overall, I believe that Miss Monster’s drawing style is very unique
and her handmade toys follow that model.  As she is relatively new to
the toy scene, she is still experimenting with designs, and I believe
adding a wire armature to her plush toys would really enhance them.
They just look like they should be posed in some scary way.

So look for a bunch of new products and news out of the newly
revamped missmonster.com.  And if you’re a fan of Melita’s work – check
out her ebay auctions, where you can bid on some of her one-of-a-kind

Overall Grade: 93%


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