OK…I’ll admit it.  I never owned an original Nintendo system…not even Super Nintendo.  I went from the Sega Master System to Sega Genesis.  We had Wonder Boy and Alex Kid…not that memorable.   At the same time, Nintendo had about 50 versions of the Mega Man console game available.


Jazwares had acquired the Mega Man license a few years ago.  They began producing 3, 6 and 10-inch plastic figures of characters from the very popular video game series.  While the 6 and 10-inch lines were more “action figure” based, the 3-inch line satisfied collectors looking for mini figures.

Jazwares has recently launched their Retro Roto Mega Man line.  The only similarity between these and their other Mega Man lines is the characters.  This line is made of rotocast vinyl, which in basic terms means: a mold is made, spun very quickly and plastic is injected into the mold – making the figure hollow.

So these figures are all rather lightweight, but still have a number
of points of articulation (usually around 8 per figure).  Wave 1 is
made of 5 characters: Mega Man, Shadowman, Elecman, Gutsman and
Protoman.  There is a mix of heroes and enemies.  Personally, I was
always a fan of the bad guys in the game.  They seemed to all have the
cool names and weapons.


We received 3 figures for our review: Mega Man, Protoman and
Elecman.  Each figure in Wave 1 is packaged with a piece, that when
assembled, creates a special version of Mega Man (thus bringing Wave 1
to 6 figures).  You need to collect all 5 figures to assemble the
Full-Charge Mega Man bonus figure.

Like the game, the bad guys shine in this line of action figures.
It’s nice to see Jazwares jump into the rotocast vinyl realm and give
collectors an affordable product.  Each of these figures sells in the
$5.99 to $6.99 range.  And at around 6 inches in height, that’s a great
price.  You should also be able to find these at your local toy store.

These might not appeal to the hardcore vinyl collector.  However, if
you are or were a fan of the Mega Man video game series, this line will
surely pique your interest.  Be sure to keep an eye out for Wave 2 of
the line…lots of bad guys!

Overall Grades:

Mega Man - 89%
Protoman - 88%
Elecman - 95%


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