Over this past weekend, I went to the movies to see Tim Burton's latest flick - Corpse Bride.  If you're a fan of the Nightmare Before Christmas, you'll be mesmerized with the visual advances the past 12 years have blessed us with.  The film was actually shot using Canon SLR digital cameras and edited using Apple's Final Cut Pro.  Pretty Amazing!


McFarlane Toys was able to secure this license and showed us a sneak preview of the line at Comic Con.  Over the next few weeks, however, Corpse Bride toys should start hitting retailers shelves. This is probably the best transition from big screen to toy that I have ever seen.  The characters in the film were basically two foot tall toys that were manipulated for the stop motion feature, so sculptors had that advantage.

McFarlane has plans for a 6-inch action figure line, a 3-inch mini figure line, mini plush dolls, 27-inch plush figures and fashion dolls.  Some are featured below...but you can view a lot more by checking out McFarlane's website.


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