It's always nice when you receive something in the mail that you completely forgot you had ordered.  As is the case with the Star Wars Early Bird Figures.  I'm somewhat surprised they found their way to me as I didn't enclose the original UPC sticker from the package (I threw it away) and then I moved from PA to NC without giving the folks at Hasbro my updated mailing address.  And plus, I ordered them way back in May.


It was a mixed bag of emotions.  I obviously didn't read into what I was ordering.  I thought they would be exact carded replicas of the 1977 line, however, it was the "Early Bird Package" that was the exact replica of the 1977 Early Bird Package.  The figures are the new fangled versions of 4 of the original characters - Luke, Leia, Chewbacca and R2-D2.


They are pretty impressive.  Luke has the vintage telescoping lightsaber that discretely pops out of his ever so straight arm.  Leia is a great rendition of the opening scene from the original Star Wars flick.  Growing up, my dog took a liking to chewing off Princess Leia's feet...I'm still traumatized by this.  You can spin R2's head around and a little antenna pops out.  And this Chewbacca is probably the best toy version of that character I have ever seen.  I never liked those crazy growling versions that made him look like a rabid dog...although, his expression on this toy is that of a 13 year old who just got braces and doesn't want to smile.

This is still a great set of Star Wars toys - only 50,000 sets were made available.  If anyone is interested in seeing up close shots, post it in the comments section and I'll update the post with some pictures of the figures.

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