This post has absolutely nothing to do with toys...but since it is a blog...I thought you might enjoy hearing about what YOU can pick up at your local Target store.  So, I was shopping with my wife this past weekend and came across the big Halloween display in Target - a little early, but still great for the kid in all of us.  I happened upon the Jones Soda Halloween section - Jones Soda and Target have some sort of exclusive agreement. 



Well, apparently on the heels of their successful Thanksgiving
exclusive flavors (like turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes, etc), Jones
has blessed us with some Halloween exclusives (only available at
Target).  There was Strawberry S'lime, Scary Berry Lemonade, Caramel
Apple and Candy Corn.  Being the health food nut I am...I only bought 2
4-packs of this delectable sugar water.  Each can is around half
the size of a normal soda. I purchased Caramel Apple and Candy Corn,
since the other two don't sound that out of the norm.

I chugged some Candy Corn Soda...and now I'm wondering what
to do with the other three cans in my fridge.  This experience might
have ruined my love of the real candy corn.  The liquid is bright probably goes in the same shade it comes out.  I can't even
describe the taste and I don't want to open up another can to
re-experience it.  So go buy your own 4 pack for $1.50. At least I can
say I tried it, right?



Then I decided to wash that down with some Caramel Apple Soda.
It wasn't that bad.  Sort of reminded me of my 10th grade band trip
when me and a bunch of friends thought that sparkling apple wine was
actually alcoholic, so we bought a bottle and found out that it was
just carbonated apple juice.

Overall, it probably wasn't worth the $3 I spent...but it'll be something to tell the grand-kids

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