Android 8 and UNKL Brand have teamed up to release one of the coolest and cutting edge vinyl figures – Octopo.  If you enjoyed UNKL’s HazMaPo figures, you will really enjoy Octopo.  It’s about double the size – 6 inches – and has a special secret…well it’s not really a “secret”.


According to the packaging: “Octopo comes with a stowaway.  Mini-8 is Octopo’s base communications center, but he’s also Octopo’s best friend.  Held in place by a magnet, Mini-8 is never far from Octopo and his responsibilities.”  So think of Mini-8 as Gilligan and Octopo as the Skipper…except they don’t share cots.

Now, the Mini-8 figure actually detaches from Octopo’s back.  Is he a backpack, a little friend, a communications center…or all?  He attaches to the dock a pretty powerful magnet.  So you should probably keep this toy away from your computer unless you are looking to erase your hard drive for some reason.  It’s not going to pull out your fillings, but it might wipe out all of your illegally downloaded Journey tunes.


Much like the HazMaPo figures, Octopo has 3 points of articulation (head and arms).  It’s made of several materials - more than just rotocast vinyl.  Mini-8 has a metal antenna, Octopo has a removable hand that shows some off some frayed wires and they both contain magnets.


The box is above average.  There is no window, so you’ll need to remove the figure for display, but this is one you won’t want to throw away.  It’s colored blue and green (the same colors as Octopo) and has several drawings – as well as information about the figure you just purchased. 

Octopo is a limited edition run of 500.  Even though it was exclusively made for Android 8 by UNKL Brand, it should be hitting other online retailers.  If you want one now, I would suggest checking out the Android 8 website where they are selling for $50 apiece.  This is a fairly average price for a figure of this size.

Personally, I really enjoy this figure.  The colors, the fact that you can remove the Mini-8 and hand...it all works for me.  When you team up 2 of the up and coming designer toy companies, you should come up with a super cool figure like this.

Rating: 94%


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