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Bunnywith Hammerhead


Sarah Jo over at DKE Toys just "stumbled upon" this art from Alex Pardee. Obviously it has something to do with a DKE exclusive that will make its way to San Diego Comic Con 2012. But will we see the rebirth of Bunnywith plush toys? One can hope...

Dragatomi Hug

Blamo Hug 1

Blamo Toys has teamed up with Dragatomi to create a new colorway of their Hug resin figure for San Diego Comic Con. The "Dragatomi Hug" is a limited edition run of only 15 pieces. Hand-painted by Mikie Graham, these will be made available starting on Preview Night (Wednesday July 11th 2012) at the Dragatomi Booth #4935.

The Dragatomi Hug comes packaged in a bag with a cardboard head card and will cost you only $25.00.

Blamo Hug 2

Attaboy x Dudebox – Punchy the Clown

Dudebox Attaboy Punchy 1

Hi-Fructose Magazine will be providing an "Oasis of Chaos" again Diego Comic Con this year at their corner booth #4939. One of the booth highlights will be Attaboy's Punchy the Clown 7 1/2" tall Dudebox figure.

"Poor Punchy didn't know his own strength and ripped off his own arm and smothered it in "jam" (or is that blood") for a late night undead snack, which made him furious. So stay away or he will bludgeon you with his own arm!"

The figure will be made available as a pre-release on Thursday July 12th 2012 at Noon at the Hi-Fructose Booth #4939. The Limited Edition figure will run you $50.00.

Dudebox Attaboy Punchy 3
Dudebox Attaboy Punchy 2

SDCC Exclusive Flocked Treeson

DKE SDCC Treeson

DKE Toys has another 2012 San Diego Comic Con reveal for you. This is the 5” flocked Treeson by Crazy Label and Bubi Au Yeung. They are $40.00 each and available in two colors: pink and a minty green. They'll be limited to a run of 150 pieces of each colorway.

SDCC Revolver Girl 6ix – Barenaked Edition

RVA Revolver Girl Barenaked Edition

Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica will be releasing their 2012 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Revolver Girl 6ix - Barenaked Edition. This will be available at the Kuso Vinyl booth (#4937). It will be limited to only 100 pieces. Each figure includes 2 revolvers, a mini comic book and...a removable towel.

SDCC Ji Ja by mr clement

DKE SDCC mr clement

DKE Toys has released details of yet another 2012 San Diego Comic Con exclusive. This version of Ji Ja has been hand painted by mr this special SDCC colorway. It will be limited to 50 numbered pieces and run you $45.00.

Tonner’s Zombie Boy TCF

Tonner Zombie Boy

Tonner Doll Company has announced their 2012 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive and Special Guest: Rico the Zombie Boy. Rick Genest (Zombie Boy) will be at their booth on Friday July 13th 2012 at 11:00AM and 3:00PM for signings.

Also, the 17" tall Zombie Boy Character Figure will feature hand-painted details including a replica of Genest's intricate body art and his facial piercing. You can get the Zombie Boy Character Figure at the 2012 SDCC in Tonner's booth (#4149), as well as their website (in mid-July). He is a limited edition of 500 pieces.

Android Summer Edition: Comic-Con Variant Set

DKE Toys SDCC Android

The second San Diego Comic Con 2012 release announcement from DKE Toys is the Android Summer Edition: Comic-Con Variant Set by Andrew Bell. This duo will be limited to 1,000 sets, selling for $25.00 per set.

DKE Toys’ SDCC Exclusive CrapZombies Set

DKE SDCC vanBeater

DKE Toys has announced their first 2012 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive. This is the CrapZombies Set by Van Beater. It will run $20.00 for the pair, and DKE Toys will have only 100 sets.

Furry Feline’s 2012 SDCC Exclusives

Furry Feline Puff Ridge Dragon

With San Diego Comic Con 2012 less than three months away, it's never too early to begin showing off Comic Con Exclusives. This will be Furry Feline's first year exhibiting at SDCC (Table N14), and they will be bringing "Puffridge Dragon" (Purridge in a Puff Dragon Costume) and "DragonMaster Ringo" (Ringo dressed up like his hero Bruce Lee). These will be non-numbered limited editions.