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Dragatomi Hug

Blamo Hug 1

Blamo Toys has teamed up with Dragatomi to create a new colorway of their Hug resin figure for San Diego Comic Con. The "Dragatomi Hug" is a limited edition run of only 15 pieces. Hand-painted by Mikie Graham, these will be made available starting on Preview Night (Wednesday July 11th 2012) at the Dragatomi Booth #4935.

The Dragatomi Hug comes packaged in a bag with a cardboard head card and will cost you only $25.00.

Blamo Hug 2

Attaboy x Dudebox – Punchy the Clown

Dudebox Attaboy Punchy 1

Hi-Fructose Magazine will be providing an "Oasis of Chaos" again Diego Comic Con this year at their corner booth #4939. One of the booth highlights will be Attaboy's Punchy the Clown 7 1/2" tall Dudebox figure.

"Poor Punchy didn't know his own strength and ripped off his own arm and smothered it in "jam" (or is that blood") for a late night undead snack, which made him furious. So stay away or he will bludgeon you with his own arm!"

The figure will be made available as a pre-release on Thursday July 12th 2012 at Noon at the Hi-Fructose Booth #4939. The Limited Edition figure will run you $50.00.

Dudebox Attaboy Punchy 3
Dudebox Attaboy Punchy 2

Tonner’s Zombie Boy TCF

Tonner Zombie Boy

Tonner Doll Company has announced their 2012 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive and Special Guest: Rico the Zombie Boy. Rick Genest (Zombie Boy) will be at their booth on Friday July 13th 2012 at 11:00AM and 3:00PM for signings.

Also, the 17" tall Zombie Boy Character Figure will feature hand-painted details including a replica of Genest's intricate body art and his facial piercing. You can get the Zombie Boy Character Figure at the 2012 SDCC in Tonner's booth (#4149), as well as their website (in mid-July). He is a limited edition of 500 pieces.