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The Worst – Midnight Special


"The most villainously vile vermin ever assembled lurk in the shadows and plot their evil deeds. What's the Worst that could happen?

Super7 releases their retro-inspired line - The Worst - tonight (September 14th 2016) at 11:59PM PST. The Worst Midnight Special is The Worst set of six 3.75-inch tall evil action figures, each packaged individually on blister card with accessory and featuring amazing card art by Ed Repka. It will run $90.00 per set and include the following characters (in the order as they are pictured below).

  • X-2 the Unknown - Mysterious Shadow Assassin
  • Gas Phantom - Ethereal Specter of Evil
  • Snake Tut - Serpent God of Destruction
  • Robot Reaper - Robotic Harbinger of Death
  • Batula - Bat Prince of Darkness
  • Black Falcon - Undead Warlord of Doom

Super7’s 18-inch Super Size Alien Warrior Prototype


In 1979, Kenner released an 18-inch Alien for the ALIEN film. That toy has since become one of the most sought after ALIEN collectibles. As an exclusive for San Diego Comic Con 2016, Super7 will be unleashing their 18-inch Super Size Alien Warrior Prototype from the 1986 sequel ALIENS. It will run $195.00 and the background behind the figure (from Super7) is pretty interesting. Read below:

The Alien Warrior figure never existed in prototype form in 1986. The backstory is that this piece is a prototype sample of the Alien Warrior for "internal review". The packaging is a prototype package, modeled after the Alien ReAction Figures 2-Pack from 2013. The package is meant to be a mock-up, with hand-written notes about what is approved, needs to be changed, or filled in during the production process. While the original Kenner 3.75” Alien action figures were genuinely created and cancelled in the late-70s, and rescued by Super7 for ReAction Figures, the Super Size Alien Warrior is a "what-if" figure.

No one made what we wanted, so we made it ourselves!

The Alien Warrior measures 18-inches and matches the features of the original 1979 Kenner Alien. It is articulated at the hips, shoulders, wrists, and tail, and has the same spring-loaded jaw mechanism to release the horrifying inner jaws, operated with a trigger on the back of the head. The figure can also hang from its tail just like the original.

SDCC16: Masters Of The Universe M.U.S.C.L.E. 24 Packs


Exclusively for San Diego Comic Con 2016 and available only at the Skeletor's Lair pop-up shop, Super7 will be releasing exclusive Masters Of The Universe  M.U.S.C.L.E. figures, including packaging and colorways that feature twelve Wave 1 characters and the debut of twelve new Wave 2 figures (He-Man, Stratos, Sorceress, Orko, Fisto, Battle Cat, Grayskull, Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, Kobra Khan, Spikor, and Stinker). The sets (in Green and Yellow) features 24 figures will sell for $45.00 each.