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REVIEW: Indie Spotlight ShadowHawk



Shocker Toys – initially known for their Shockini mini block figures – have released several action figures based on indie comic book characters. Indie Spotlight Series 1 consists of five different figures, and for purposes of this review, we’ll be looking at ShadowHawk.

After a tragic scuffle with gang members Paul contracted the HIV virus. One of his friends, a cop named Christina Reid said she and a man named Carlton Sun had been developing an exo-skeleton suit of armor that could help aid him in accomplishing his task of revenge against the men who gave him the virus. Johnstone decided to don the suit, christening himself “ShadowHawk” after his favourite superhero, and was taught how to fight effectively with the help of Christine, promising to “take back the night”. Johnstone also kept the pills needed to slow his reaction to his HIV infection in small pouches on his belt so he could take them as needed.



Shocker Toys went with the classic carded packaging with a bubble shell. The nice thing about their approach is that the card actually slides out from the plastic, so you don’t have to tear off a glued-on bubble. The back of the packaging features a cut away bio card for ShadowHawk (with the above excerpt printed on it), as well as photos of the Indie Spotlight Series 1 lineup.

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Shocker’s Smokey Translucents


Shocker Toys has released two new figures from their Indie Spotlight line.  Both the Smokey Translucent Maxx (pictured above) and Smokey Translucent Scud are limited to runs of 250 pieces. The semi clear colorways are exclusive to the Shocker online shop.


SDCC 2008: Shocker Toys


Shocker Toys had a number of SDCC exclusives including their Metalocalypse set, MC Chris Mini and The Maxx.  The prototypes for the Indie Spotlight Series 2 were on display.  I'm thinking The Tick will be a must-have when it's eventually released.


SDCC Exclusive Metalocalypse


Shocker Toys SDCC Exclusive Metalocalypse lineup will be limited to 500 sets.  They will sell for $80 and be available at booth #3948.  This all-new line features fully painted vinyl action
figures of Dethklok, the undisputed greatest animated metal band in the
galaxy featured on Adult Swim’s hit series, Metalocalypse.  The 5.5”
line will consist of band members Nathan
, Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Toki Wartooth, Pickles and William
and a secret pack-in.

MTV’s The Maxx


Available at Shocker Toys' San Diego Comic Con booth (#3849), MTV's The Maxx mini is a part of their new Indie Spotlight mini vinyl toy line. This all-new line will feature fully painted vinyl action figures of the Indie Spotlight line that will fit in your pocket.  The collectible vinyl action figure line will come in 12-14 characters per blind-boxed wave.  The figure will be limited to 500 pieces in a full colored box.

Shocker Toys’ Indie Spotlight Series 2


Shocker Toys has revealed the lineup for their Indie Spotlight Series 2.  While most of the characters don't thrill me, I'm looking forward to seeing The Tick.  I was a big fan of the cartoon...and even enjoyed the live action television show featuring Patrick Warburton (aka Puddy from Seinfeld) as the title character.

Turn on the Indie Spotlight


The Indie Spotlight line is the upcoming action figure
series from Shocker Toys (mostly known for their Shockini mini figures).  The line is made up of various independent comic book characters.  Series 1 features the following: Jim Valentino’s ShadowHawk, Rob Schrab’s
Scud the disposable assassin, Terry Moore's Katchoo of ‘Strangers in Paradise’,
David Mack’s Kabuki and MTV’s The Maxx.  All of the figures range from 6" to 8” tall.


The already announced Series 2 is set to consist of Dick Tracy, Zombie King
(Deadworld), Jack Staff, Ignacia
(Wildguard) and The Tick Build a
Figure.  Look for them to retail around $13.95 per figure and
$14.95 for each Build a Figure. Series 1 is due out in the summer of


Scud the Disposable Action Figure


Shocker Toys has released this sneak peek photo of their upcoming Scud the Disposable action figure from Rob Schrab.  This figure will be a part of the 6" Indie Spotlight line.  They'll be releasing more info in '08.

Shocker Toys’ Metalocalypse Vinyl Line


Shocker Toys
will have Series 1 of their Metalocalypse (from Adult Swim) vinyl figure line.  The characters - Nathan Explosion and William Murderface - are from the fictitious death metal band, Dethklok.  Each appears in their “death” stage makeup and is limited to 500 pieces and will sell for $20 each.

Shocker Toys To Bring GWAR to SDCC ’06


This fall, Shocker Toys will unleash a brand new license unto the toy collecting public – GWAR.  Like any good army, GWAR will send out some advance scouts to San Diego Comic Con.  Sculpted by Justice Joseph, Shocker Toys presents the GWAR: First Assault Edition Beef Cake the Mighty SDCC Exclusive Resin Figure!! When asked for a comment, Geoff Beckett replied "No, no. We couldn't possibly make the name any longer." Be sure to hunt down Shocker Toys at the 2006 San Diego Comic Con this year in Hall G at booth #5488 by the double entrance doors and get your GWAR while it lasts!  (limited to 500pcs)