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Why You Shouldn’t Hold Your Breath for Indie Spotlight Series 2

GBJR Indie 1

If there's such a thing as vaporware in toys...I feel that Shocker Toys' Indie Spotlight Series 2 would definitely qualify. Actually, Shocker is fairly notorious for delays and unreleased collectibles. Ask the folks who are still waiting for the Indie Spotlight Series 2 figures that they pre-ordered in 2008.

What's that? They're no longer Shocker Toys. The company has changed its name to GBJR Toys (for owner Geoff Beckett Jr) and tried to distance itself from Shocker Toys - even though they own the Shocker domain name and all of their licenses and the same person is in charge of the company. Now they've taken to crowdsourcing to get that good old Indie Spotlight Series 2 finally finished and shipped out to you. (Although I'm not sure if that includes those people who paid for them 4 years ago) And they're going to ship out pieces produced by Shocker Toys...even though they're not affiliated with them. Get it?!!

GBJR Indie 2

Here's the thing. This is the third go-round at crowdsourcing. The first ended in an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign. The second was booted from IndieGoGo (apparently some folks complained about Beckett being a scam artist). And now this one is running at the ever famous GoFundMe

The goal for the fund raising is $20,000 and GBJR Toys is almost there! $16,916.00 as of writing this. But then you look at the actual donations. $16,485.00 has come from "Offline Donations". So $431.00 was actually sourced via the site. I'm not saying the number is inflated, but an "Offline Donation" would be a good way to overstate the success of a project.

So why am I writing about this? Well I keep getting email updates about the project and I just can't support it. I don't want to see more people lose their money. There's no word of whether the folks who paid and have been waiting for these figures for 4 years will ever see them (unless they re-order them). With the name now changed to GBJR Toys, they've apparently claimed all of Shocker Toys assets...but none of their debts.

**BTW - just Google "Geoff Beckett Scam" for plenty of additional reading. And I'm still waiting for Shocker Toys to send items for a giveaway that I was going to run in 2008 in exchange for advertising on Plastic and Plush.**

Shocker Toys’ SDCC Exclusives

shocker toys sdcc tick

Shocker Toys will be at San Diego Comic Con in Booth #3351 with a pair of exclusives.

The exclusive 1st edition artist signature Tick action figure features a hand written number on back and a foil signature seal on the front. It can be signed by artist/creator Ben Edlund at the New England Comic’s Booth #1807 on Sunday July 24th. A limited run of 250 pieces, you'll be able to pick one up for $20.00.

Also, at Bill Plympton Studios Booth #1537, you'll be able to purchase a Shocker Toys Bill Plympton "Mallow" figure featuring original artwork. These will be available for $25.00.

shocker toys plympton

Shocker Toys – The Tick and Madman

shocker toys ticks

Shocker Toys has announced that The Tick and Mucus Tick action figures are currently in stock (who said they were vaporware?). They'll run $24 and $27 respectively (including shipping). Shocker has also given collectors a sneak preview of an upcoming Indie Spotlight figure - comic hero, Madman. Madman will come in an Indie Spotlight 2-pack with Captain Action.

shocker madman

Mallows Licenses


Shocker Toys will be attending the International Toy Fair this weekend, and one of the figure lines they'll be showing off is the Mallows. These 5” tall marshmallow themed designer figures feature up to 10 points of articulation and up to 7 interchangeable parts.

While we've seen some of these licenses, they've added a few new ones...including Madballs, My Pet Monster, Sushi Pack, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood, Soul Eater, Johnny Test, Monster in my Pocket and more. There will also be a girls only line called Go-Girlz and a featured artist designer series (in addition to the already released blanks).




Shocker Toys – known for their Shockini and Indie Spotlight lines – recently launched their line of urban vinyl inspired figures – Mallows. While the company has released a few licensed character Mallows, we’ll be taking a look at the blank/customizable white DIY Mallows.

According to the packaging:

Mallows are the first 3D canvas offering from Shocker Toys. A fusion of urban vinyl styling queues and the pose-friendly articulation Shocker Toys is known for. This unique canvas adds versatility to the mix, while still maintaining crucial surface area for customization.

Expect to see our licensed characters transposed onto this figure, solid color blank figures for the customizer crowd, and our Artists’ Series in the coming months.


The Facts

DIY Mallows
Series: Mallows
Manufacturer: Shocker Toys
Material: ABS Plastic
Height: 5”
Points of Articulation: 9 (head, shoulders, elbows, knees and ankles)

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SDCC 2009: Shocker Toys


Shocker Toys introduced us to their Mallows line of customizable (and licensed) figures. In total, they had the Phantom, Dr. Rockso, the SDCC Collector Version, and Black and White blank Mallows. And something I'm looking forward to - The Tick Indie Spotlight Figure - was on display for collectors and fans to ogle over.

Wasabi Pow Mallows


Shocker Toys is showing off the first design from their Sushi Pack Mallows lineup.The Wasabi Pow figure is our favorite Mallows design we've seen so far. It definitely has that designer figure personality. Not sure when it'll be released, but it's on my purchase list.

SDCC Exclusive Mallows


We have photos of the SDCC Exclusive Mallows from Shocker Toys. If you're wondering why they are called might want to check out their marshmallow shaped noggin. These are the new designer toy line that's been introduced by the folks at Shocker Toys.


The trio of exclusives include The Phantom, Dr. Rockso (Metalocalypse) and the SDCC Art Mallow. The Phantom and Dr. Rockso are limited to 500 pieces, while the SDCC Art figure is limited to 250. Out of the three, I think I like the SDCC Art figure the most. It'll be a great little momento to commemorate another Comic Con.


Shocker Toys’ SDCC Exclusives


Shocker Toys has announced their lineup of San Diego Comic Con exclusives for their booth - #3849.

  • Dick Tracy - B&W Suit (6" tall) - 500 pieces
  • Dick Tracy - B&W Trenchcoat (6" tall) - 250 pieces (Must get a ticket from booth)
  • Dethklok Re-release box set (All 5 band members of Dethklok as vinyl figures) - 500pcs
  • Dethklok Dr. Rockso Designer Mallow - 500 pieces
  • Phantom Designer Mallow - 500 pieces
  • SDCC Art Designer Mallow - 250 pieces

Hmm...I'm interested in seeing what this Mallow figure is all about. It looks somewhat similar to Shocker's Shockini in that it has the block figure look. But does the world need more block figure lines? Discuss.

Black and White Dick Tracy


Shocker Toys will be offering exclusive Black and White Dick Tracy action figures at this year's San Diego Comic Con. This is a first for Dick Tracy to appear as hyper-articulated action figures in creator Chester Gould's black and white comic strip style.

The world’s most famous detective will be available in two limited run color variants. Both will be available on-site at San Diego Comic Con, with the standard issue B&W version also available to non-attendees at Shocker Toys Online Store. The B&W variant figure, which features the detective in his trench coat with a Tommy gun will ONLY be available on-site.