REVIEW: MLB Lubies (Part 2)

Background We previously showed you the first four MLB Lubies from Series 1 of Rocket USA’s new line. Now, we’re going to take a look at the four remaining (minus … Read More

REVIEW: MLB Lubies (Part 1)

Background Rocket USA’s popular Lubies plush line has grown substantially with the acquisition of the Major League Baseball license. The company is releasing plushies for each of the 30 MLB … Read More

REVIEW: Lubies Turkey

Background The folks from Rocket USA began releasing a few limited run Lubies based on various seasonal holidays. When you think about the fall, it usually conjures up images of … Read More

REVIEW: Lubies Series 2 (Part 2)

We continue our look at Lubies Series 2 from Rocket USA. The entire series features eight new designs, but since we’ve already looked at half of those, we’ll be checking out the remaining quarter of brand new animal characters – Hippo, Monkey, Lion and Giraffe.

REVIEW: Lubies Series 2 (Part 1)

Background The Lubies (pronounced “Luh-bees”) are a line of insanely cute plushies from Rocket USA. Designed by Michael Perry (Rocket USA) and Joy Michel (former Beanie Babies designer), each softball-sized character is a different animal from around the globe. Series…

REVIEW: SkullGnome Plush

Background Rocket USA and artist Gus Fink recently released one of Gus’ Boogily Head characters as a plush. The SkullGnome plush was first unveiled at NY Comic Con 2008. The Creepy Yard Gnome was a part of Boogily Heads Series…

REVIEW: Boogily Heads Series 4

Background Rocket USA recently released Series 4 of Gus Fink’s popular Boogily Heads line of hand sculpted bobble head figures. The lineup consists of six new characters: Charlie Black, Giggle, Qually, Phant, Twinks and Gus Fink. There have been a…

REVIEW: Lubies – Flamingo

Background You probably remember Rocket USA’s Lubies line of softball sized plush animals. Between Series 1 and Series 2, they’ve decided to release a special character…the Flamingo. Yes, everyone’s favorite tacky lawn ornament (right alongside the gnomes or the bent…

Nibbler – Futurama Plush

Rocket USA sent us some turnaround shots of their upcoming Nibbler plush. The approximately 9.5″ tall Futurama character should hit shelves in September 2009. While the plush you see here is still waiting Fox’s final approval, you get the idea….

REVIEW: Lubies Series One (Part 2)

Yesterday, we began our review of the Lubies Series 1 plush line from Rocket USA. With twelve adorable plushies available in this initial series, we’ll be taking a look at the other six characters and give you our overall opinion…

REVIEW: Lubies Series One (Part 1)

Background The newest – and one of the cutest – plush lines from Rocket USA designer Michael Perry and Joy Michel (the designer behind the Beanie Babies) is the softball shaped Lubies. “Lubies are a break-through line of plush combining…

REVIEW: Boogily Head Variants

Background With the impending release of the Boogily Heads Series 4 from Rocket USA and artist Gus Fink, we have decided to take a look at some of the variant Boogilys. These variant colorways come packaged randomly. In each of…