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Bob Conge’s Toxic Candy Vertebrata



Bob Conge (Plaseebo) has been invited to create a custom for the 5th Anniversary Vertebrata Show at Toy Art Gallery.  Bob created the Toxic Candy Vertebrata, a one of a kind custom hand-paint on a clear vinyl filled with toxic candy and glow in the dark spiders and such. She is also illuminated from within by  two motion activated LED units that have replaceable batteries. The piece is signed and dated 2014.

Plaseebo for the Tokyo Cat Fight Show

Plaseebo Neko Nitegemer 1
Plaseebo Wereneko 1

Bob Conge (Plaseebo) has been invited to take part in the Tokyo Cat Fight Show. The show runs July 5th and 6th 2014 at Design Festa Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. 

Plaseebo Neko Nitegemer 2
Plaseebo Neko Nitegemer LED

The Neko Night Gamer is a one of a kind vinyl mash-up of a Kaiju Coup Warui Neko body with the head of a Plaseebo Night Gamer. She has red glass eyes and an internal motion activated color-changing LED unit.

Plaseebo Wereneko 2
Plaseebo Wereneko LED

The Wereneko is a one of a kind Plaseebo custom of the Kaiju Coup Warui Neko vinyl. She has swirled glass eyes, inset fangs and an internal motion activated color-changing LED unit.

Plaseebo at All Out Destruction Show

Plaseebo Kong Tank 1

Bob Conge (Plaseebo) has been invited to create some customs for the MAX TOY "All Out Destruction" Show at FOE Gallery. The opening will take place on Friday June 13th 2014 from 6PM to 9PM. The show will be on display through July 6th 2014.

One of the pieces that Bob will have on display is called the Kong Tank. It's only one of many one-off originals and customs that will be shown off at the All Out Destruction Show.

Plaseebo Kong Tank 2

Mecha Virus Skulloctopus From Outer Space

mechavirus skullo 2 a
mechavirus skullo 6 a

Available on Friday June 6th 2014, Plaseebo is offering another collaboration with artist Todd Robertson aka Mechavirus. For this offering, Todd has infected the clear vinyl Plaseebo Skulloctopus From Outer Space with his Mecha Virus.

mechavirus skullo 5 d
mechavirus skullo 1 a

The customs use Styrene, aves sculpt, found electronics, doll eyes, MonsterKolor, and other found materials. Each of the figures in the edition is unique, with re-sculpted parts and its own color combination.

The ultra limited edition of 6 pieces will be available for $175.00 each.

mechavirus skullo 4 b
mechavirus skullo 3 c

Elegab and Plaseebo at Rampage Gallery

Plaseebo Custom Unicorns LED

Rampage Gallery in Tokyo will host Japanese Sofubi-maker Elegab (Nari-san) and American Toymaker and Artist Plaseebo (Bob Conge). There will be loads of customs by both artists. Adding to the excitement, Elegab will be previewing a brand new full sized figure at the show.

The show will open at Rampage Studios on Friday May 30th 2014, with a party and sales getting underway at 7PM that evening. The show will also be open Saturday and Sunday from 11AM to 4PM. On-line sales will commence on Monday June 2nd 2014.

Here are some of the customs that Bob will have in the show:

Plaseebo Ghost Catcher 3
Plaseebo Ghost Catcher
Plaseebo Ghost Catcher 1
Plaseebo Ghost Catcher 2

“The Ghost Catcher”
A one of a kind custom vinyl mash-up of an Elegab Kouzira and a Plaseebo Night Gamer with glass eyes and 3 internal LED units.

Plaseebo Bluemoon Warui Ino LED
Plaseebo Bluemoon Warui Ino 3

“Blue Moon Warui Inu”
A custom of the Kaiju Coup Bad Dog with glass eyes and an internal LED unit.

Plaseebo at the Monster Brawl

Monster Brawl

Bob Conge is showing off some of the pieces from Plaseebo that will be in the Monster Brawl Show opening this Saturday (April 12th 2014) at the Monster Kolor Gallery. 

Plaseebo frankenbrain b
Plaseebo frankenbrain gid
Plaseebo frankenbrain led a

The 9" high "Franken Bust" is cast in 4 pounds of clear resin with a pink resin GID brain inside the head and a color-changing  There is an LED unit in the base of the sculpt.

Plaseebo littlebighead zombie a
Plaseebo littlebighead zombie c
Plaseebo littlebighead zombie led

The "Little Big Head Zombie Baby”  is a 7.5" tall clear resin body by Miscreation mashed-up with a resin head by Plaseebo with color-changing LED units.

Plaseebo burnt toast ngmer d
Plaseebo burnt toast ngmer led

The “Burnt Toast Night Gamer” is a 6.5" tall vinyl hand paint with LED unit eyes and a color-changing internal LED unit that illuminates the figure from within.

Plaseebo silverblue skullo a
Plaseebo silverblue skullo c
Plaseebo silverblue skullo led

And the “Silver-Blue Skulloctopus from Outer Space” is a 3.25” clear vinyl with internal LED unit that illuminates the skull filled with space junk brain parts.