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Evil Warui Neko – US Edition Lottery


Plaseebo will be offering up the Evil Warui Neko - US Edition designed and sculpted in the US by Kaiju Coup and produced in Japan by Medicom Toy. The 6.5-inch tall vinyl figure has hand cast white resin fangs, swirled glass inset eyes and an internal motion activated color-changing LED unit with replaceable batteries. This edition of 7 pieces is hand painted by Bob Conge of Plaseebo and will be available for $220.00 each.

To enter the lottery to purchase one of the Evil Warui Neko figures, please send your Name, Address, and Paypal address to: The Entry deadline is Wednesday November 26th 2014.

DCON14: Plaseebo


Bob Conge and Plaseebo will be represented at Designer Con for the first time. Some new one of a kind vinyl figures will be available from the Gorgoloid Booth #933 (along with works from Mechavirus and Gorgoloid).

Below are some of those pieces:

The Spotted Mega Warui Neko (pictured above) is a one of a kind 8-inch tall custom mash up with Kaiju Coup featuring swirled glass eyes, resin fangs and a motion activated color changing LED unit.

The Blue Eyed Skullo Tank (pictured above) is a one of a kind 4-inch long custom mash up of a Max Toy tank with a Plaseebo hand cast resin Skullo head.

The Robo Kong Fighter (pictured bottom) is a one of a kind 5-inch high custom mash up of RealHead and Max Toy parts featuring cloth and an inset eye.

The Plaseebo Mummy (pictured top) a one of a kind 7 inch high custom hand paint with swirled glass eyes.

NYCC14: Plaseebo Exclusives

Bob Conge (Plaseebo) will have figures available at a pair of 2014 New York Comic Con booths.  The one of a kind collaboration with Rampage Studios and Skull Head Butt - the 8 inch Gnaw-X1 custom (pictured above) - will be available to purchase at the Rampage Booth #208. It features glass inset eyes and an internal motion activated color-changing LED unit. Also, the Hex Head (pictured below) will be available at the Kaiju Monster Booth #406.

Bob Conge’s Toxic Candy Vertebrata



Bob Conge (Plaseebo) has been invited to create a custom for the 5th Anniversary Vertebrata Show at Toy Art Gallery.  Bob created the Toxic Candy Vertebrata, a one of a kind custom hand-paint on a clear vinyl filled with toxic candy and glow in the dark spiders and such. She is also illuminated from within by  two motion activated LED units that have replaceable batteries. The piece is signed and dated 2014.