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The Pizz at Rotofugi


The Pizz is reproducing his out-of-circulation Hellbiker figure (based on his paintings).  He will have 30 different Kustom Konfigurations and they'll all be going up for sale. Don't miss your chance to own a custom toy by one of the pioneers of Lowbrow art.

Mark your calenders now for opening night, March 24, 2006 and head to Rotofugi so you can rub elbows with the Pizz.


Choking Hazard
The Return of the Hellbiker
Rotofugi Designer Toy Store & Gallery
March 24-May 22, 2006

March 24, 2006
Music by DJ Clayton Counts
Complimentary Beverages


Biskup’s Alpha-Gaichou and The Foul Flock


Tim Biskup's latest Alphabeast creature - Alpha-Gaichou - is a 7” tall vinyl bird.  The first version is set to be released this coming July.  There will be 350 of the black painted version and they will not go on sale until Flopdoodle has them in their hands. As a special offer for Biskup fans, Flopdoodle will be packaging a set of figures called The Foul Flock.  This set will feature the black painted version as well as four different unpainted versions: Glow-In-The-Dark, Light Blue, Black and Yellow. There will be 60 of each unpainted version and only 50 complete sets.

Treeson Vinyl from Crazy Label


Crazy Label is a Hong Kong based independent toy company founded by Wookie in 2005.  They are currently working on several exciting designer toy projects with artists from the US and Hong Kong.

Crazy Label’s first toy should be released by July, and is called Treeson.  Treeson is the main character in the entertaining and cute "Treeson and Ren" story from Bubi Au Yeung.  He is a kind creature who has been brought up by the trees in the forest, and was discovered by Ren at the beginning of the story.  The tree branch is sticking out from his heart. 

The rotocast vinyl toy will be 5" tall.  Crazy Label has finished the sculpture and they are in the process of fabricating the tooling now.  They hope to launch the toy by this year's Taipei Toy Festival.  I really like the back story with this toy and am looking forward to seeing the figure!


MAD’s Social Pest Tee


SocialPest presents a series of T-shirts designed by a hand picked selection of the world's sharpest graphical talent.

First up is the appropriately named "Sharpest" from one of USA's hottest art toy designers, Jeremy Madl A.K.A MAD .

Gold print on a high quality black 55% hemp / 45% organic cotton T-shirt with the SOCIALPEST insignia embroidered on the sleeve. Available in mens S, M, L, XL & XXL.

Limited edition of 100.

Chat with MAD is his Plastic and Plush forum.

Remixing the Magic Show


Gallery 1988 is presenting Remixing the Magic.  They will be presenting the work of 50 artists who are reinterpreting Disney classics.  Just check out the list of artists: Han, Biskup, Ledbetter, etc. 

The show will include a special installation inspired by Alice in Wonderland titled Cheshire Cats and The Purple Tree by Julie B.  It appears as this might be the introduction of the Cheshire Cat figure designed by Nathan Cabrera, sculpted by Monster5 and produced by Span of Sunset.

Too Many Robots!


Walt Disney television animation has given the greenlight to Attaboy's creator driven short cartoon Too Many Robots!  Based on Atta's upcoming kids (and for adult kids) book (published by Baby Tattoo Press).  The 5 minute short has just begun production and will be
airing sometime this summer on the Disney Channel.  The ridiculous art and absurd humor of Attaboy (and the music of a yet to be revealed superstar) will hit TV screens for the first time ever in color (no black and white for you mister).  The short will be chocked full of odd characters, bad dancing, fruit
punch, robots, and of course, toast.