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DCON18: FYE Releases and Events

FYE will be at DesignerCon this year at Booth #2200. They'll be bringing a few new exclusive collectibles for the event, excluding the online-only figures, along with some figures from Complex Con. Some of the figures are for pre-order online with very limited quantities. 

Get Animated - Bugs Bunny by Pat Lee (Online Only) - $179.99
Get Animated - Tweety by Pat Lee (Online Only) - $169.99
POPek The Squatting Balloon Dog [8 inch] (DCON Exclusive) - $69.99
Happy POPek [8 inch] (FYE Exclusive) - $69.99
Happy POPek [4 inch] (FYE Exclusive) - $49.99
Cereal Killers - Franken Fat [Monotone Edition] (DCON Exclusive) - $70.00
Cereal Killers - Fat Tony [Monotone Edition] (FYE Exclusive) - $70.00
Cereal Killers - Tricky the Obese Rabbit [Monotone Edition] (FYE Exclusive) - $70.00
Cereal Killers - Cap'n Corn Starch [Monotone Edition] (FYE Exclusive) - $70.00
Fortune Cat 4D [Gold] (FYE Exclusive) - $24.99
Kranyus (Online Only) - $68.00
Choices by Jermaine Rogers (FYE Exclusive) - $65.00
Banalien By Paul Jackson - $123.25
Brick Man 4D [Muscle Man] (FYE Exclusive) - $24.99

Also, FYE will be having a number of signings at Designer Con 2018:

Ron EnglishSaturday3PM to 4PM
Japan CrateSaturday5PM to 6PM
Stu LevySaturday5PM to 6PM
Camilla d'ErricoSundayNoon to 1PM
Jason FreenySunday2PM to 3PM

NYCC18: FYE Exclusives

FYE has announced the exclusives and events that will be taking place at their New York Comic Con Booth #622.

XXRAY Wonder Woman Gold Edition - ​FYE NYCC 2018 Exclusive
The XXRAY Gold Wonder Woman from Jason Freeny stands at 10" tall, featuring a unique dissection. Designed exclusively for FYE by artist Jason Freeny. It's currently available for pre-order from FYE.
$99.99 each

XXRAY Bob Belcher - ​FYE NYCC 2018 Exclusive
The self-proclaimed "Beef Artist" is now available in dissected form. Jason Freeny has done it again with this Bob Belcher XXRAY figure. The Bob's Burgers patriarch stands 8.5" tall. Designed exclusively for FYE by artist Jason Freeny.  It's currently available to pre-order from FYE.
$99.99 each

ToyQube Glow-in-the-Dark Astro Boy -​ FYE Exclusive
An exclusive limited edition 10” vinyl figure reimagining the iconic character as the Statue of Liberty holding a tablet engraved with Astro Boy’s birthday. The figure can currently be pre-ordered online from FYE.
$129.99 each

Signings include the following:

Jason Freeny: Saturday October 6th - 2PM to 3PM
Ron English: Friday October 5th - 5PM to 6PM
Camilla D'Errico: Sunday October 7th - 11AM to Noon

Other FYE exclusives launching at NYCC:

  • FYE NYCC exclusive Funko Pop! Vinyl, Boris the Wolf from Bendy and the Ink Machine
  • Marvel 10t​h​ Anniversary exclusive products including a commemorative t-shirt, sock set, blanket, and New Era cap, plus a few surprises to be found at the FYE Booth.
  • NYCC exclusive tees featuring Reptar (from Neff), Wu-Tang Clan, and​ Rick & Morty’s Eyeholes
  • Launch of our Exclusive Eyeholes, ​a dangerous intergalactic confection ​from Adult Swim’s ​Rick & Morty
  • Ron English’s Popaganda - Featuring his Cereal Killers
  • FYE exclusive line of horror Geeki Tikis® featuring Jason Voorhees, Freddie Krueger, Pinhead, Michael Myers, and Pennywise
  • Shared New York Comic Con Funko Pop! Vinyl exclusives will be released online and in stores Thursday, October 4t​h
  • Exclusive cover variant of The Nightmare Before Christmas manga “Zero’s Journey”

SDCC18: FYE Pop-Up Shop

FYE will have a pop-up shop in Westfield Horton Plaza (4th Ave and G Street) from July 9th through July 22nd (during San Diego Comic Con 2018) where you can shop all of their convention exclusives. There will be extended hours during Comic Con. FYE will have a wide range of exclusive apparel, collectibles and media accompanied by artist signings and store events running all month.

Artist Signings

Thursday, July 19:
Jason Freeny: 6PM - 7PM
Ron English: 7PM - 8PM

Friday, July 20:
Allison Cimino (Rock Love Jewelry): All Day
Jason Freeny: 6PM - 7PM

Saturday, July 21:
Andrew Bell: 5PM - 6PM
Jason Freeny: 6PM - 7PM

Sunday, July 22:
Jason Freeny: 6PM - 7PM

XXRAY Spongebob Squarepants Hidden Dissectibles

FYE has announced a new series of 2018 Summer Convention Exclusives - the XXRAY Spongebob Squarepants Hidden Dissectibles. Designed exclusively for FYE by artist Jason Freeny, these 4-inch tall dissected art figures are available blind box style. The series is made up of nine characters from Bikini Bottom - Spongebob, Patrick, Gary, Squidward, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Plankton, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy - with four rare chase variants - Spongebob, Patrick, Gary or Squidward.

In addition to the blind box series, there are 200 Collectors Sets being produced. The set includes all nine regular figures, all four chase figures, and a “collector set exclusive” glow-in-the-dark Spongebob variant. 

Both the Collectors Set ($299.99) and individual blind boxes ($19.99 each) are currently available to pre-order from FYE.