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The Barbalien Warrior and Magus 2 pack

Ben Spencer (, in collaboration with Extra-Truckestrial Customs, have created the Barbalien Warrior and Magus 2-pack. The set comes with one Barbalien Warrior figure (pictured above), which features a head cast in resin by Extra-Truckestrial Customs and the reclaimed body of a vintage 5.5" MOTU figure. It was hand painted by Ben Spencer, features shoulder articulation and comes with a skull trophy necklace accessory. The Barbalien Magus was mashed up and cast in resin by Extra-Truckestrial. It was hand painted by Ben Spencer and is mounted on a clear acrylic flight stand.

This 2-pack is limited to an edition of 5 sets and will be available for $85.00 from The Galaxxor Online Store at Noon CDT today (November 10th 2014).

Paul Shih – Sushi Inu and BEVIL Releases

Paul Shih will be releasing two new items this week. The Sushi Inu is a new member to Sushi Kaiju family. Limited to only 10 pups worldwide, five of them will be available from Paul's online shop on Friday November 7th 2014 beginning at 3PM ET. The other five will make their way to the Designer Con Booth #203.

Also, there will be a new colorway of BEVIL, Lemon & Lime Infused, exclusive to Designer Con Booth #203. This one is limited to only 5 pieces. Both are priced at $60.00 each.

Scrambled Wood series One Pricing Details

While Wood Candy Workshop has revealed the figures that will make up Scrambled Wood Series One, most other details have been a mystery. Well...they've now announced that each wooden toy will be individually bagged in a Muslin sack and boxed. There will be a mini card with a limited edition number included. And each toy is made from four hardwood species: Cherry, Walnut, Maple and Padauk. They are then finished with hardened oil shell and waxed (not sure what that is, but it sounds impressive).

The Exclusive Designer Con show pricing is as follow:

$189.00 for the set of four figures with a free tin of special formula wood wax. This deal is for the first 3 hours of the show on Saturday morning, then sets are $199.99 for the remainder of the show and wood wax is sold separately for $9.00 per tin. (Regular price for complete set is $249.00)

$49.00 for individual figures for the first three hours of the show on Saturday morning. Individual figures are $59.00 for the remainder of the show. (Regular price for individual figures is $69.00)

Goodleg Toys and Teptec Studios honor Bud Spencer


Goodleg Toys x Teptec Studios have produced and released the Bud Spencer Action Figure. Dropping for Bud’s 85th're probably wondering "Who the hell is Bud Spencer?"

Bud Spencer is an Italian actor who teamed up with fellow actor Terence Hill on over 20 films. Personally, I remember him from his work in spaghetti westerns. Specifically, there's the rather unique spaghetti western comedies - They Call Me Trinity and Trinity Is Still My Name.  

So Goodleg Toys joined up with Teptec Studios to produce a figure compatible with the classic Hasbro WWF figures. Their unofficial Bud Spencer action figure, named Bud “The Bomber” Graziano, is available to pre-order in both bagged ($70.00) and carded ($85.00) versions. You can also pick up a blank, unpainted figure ($45.00, bagged).


Skelevex: Shallow Grave Mummy (Halloween Edition)


Freshly unearthed from a shallow grave, the remains of six victims have been recovered, from an ancient Cornish burial ground, in time for Halloween.

Available from the Skelevex store on Friday October 31st 2014 at 11.59PM GMT (7:59PM ET) will be the Skelevex: Shallow Grave Mummy (Halloween Edition). Measuring around 2" tall, the hand-cast and hand-painted resin will feature a weathered and bloody style with gory clear resin head wounds. Each one comes in a black body bag with printed header card. This version is limited to 6 pieces and will be priced at $29.99 plus shipping.


Jinja – The Soapstone Lion – Auction


The Jinja (The Soapstone Lion) auction goes lives today (October 30th 2014) at 8PM GMT (4PM ET) over at this eBay link. Each auction will last 10 days, finishing on Sunday November 9th. Also, there will be only 30 blank Soapstone Jinja figures available - in addition to the customs. And while the photo below shows a few customs, there are several others from the following artists: 

Peter Lord (Aardman founder), Rich Webber (Purple & Brown / DC Funnest), Merlin Crossingham (Wallace & Gromit), Gav Strange (Aardman / JamFactory), Sarah Matthews (Aardman / BernysPlace), Sam Hadley (Slumberbean), Danny Capozzi (Aardman / Hero73*) and Peskimo.


New Releases from Daniel Yu


Artist Daniel Yu released a number of new figures this past weekend. Ten new releases to be specific.

taupok king maggots

Taupok King
4-inch tall hand painted resin
Edition size of 6 pieces

halloween tofu head

Tofu Head Halloween Edition
2.5" x 2" x 2" hand painted resin
Removable pumpkin accessory
Edition size of 4 pieces

bronco flesh

Bronco Buster Flesh Edition
6 inches tall hand sculpted resin
Unplug his head to reveal a literary low blow

gory flesh

Gory Bomb Flesh Edition
5.5 inches tall hand sculpted resin
Includes swappable magnetic fist with foreign object

mystery mortis 2

Mystery Mortis Version 2.0
3-inch tall hand sculpted and cast resin
6 possible color variants

metalhead blind bag

Metalhead Blind Anarchy
3-inch tall hand sculpted and cast resin
Blind bagged - 6 possible colour variants

footmen neon tribes

Footmen Neon Tribes
3-inch tall hand sculpted and cast resin
Blind bagged - 6 possible color variants

footmen set 1

7 piece super set Army


3-inch tall hand sculpted and cast resin

gourdlike gid

Gourd-like GID Edition
3-inch tall hand sculpted and cast resin

DCON14: Overlords of the Desert


Aaron Childs (Overlords of the Desert) will be bringing the above pictured robotic bear sculptures to Designer Con 2014, where he'll be selling them at his booth (#226). They are made out of cardboard and tacky glue, and each one features a spray paint base coat and are then hand painted. The sculptures measure about 9 inches tall. They'll be available to purchase at the show for $200.00 each.