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Clear Mini Mirth from Triplikid



Triplikid is excited to announce the release of their new Clear Mini Mirth figure that will be released on Friday September 16th 2016 at 1PM EST. Standing in at 2.5 inches tall, this water clear and downsized variant of "Mirth" will be limited to a run of 9 pieces. The figure can be ordered at Triplikid's Store for $45.00 shipped within the US. Any international inquiries should be made before hand by contacting Triplikid directly at triplikid (at)


Bastard Boba 3.0


Tokyo Toy Bastard and Has No Talent Bootlegs have teamed up again to produce the final variant of their SOLD OUT bootleg action figure - Bastard Boba. Bastard Boba 3.0 features a solid gold-chrome body with silver-chrome head and accessories on a brand new blister card design. This version is limited to a run of 10 pieces, each one featuring a vintage style fully articulated rocket firing mechanism. You can pick one up for $50.00.




“Veris” Candy Corn Colorway


Shadow Delgado's latest toy release - the "Veris" Candy Corn colorway - is now available for preorder via his online shop. This 5-inch resin figure will ship out in September 2016 and is a limited edition of 10 pieces. You can pre-order your own for $50.00.

Ever feel like something you're doing is making your life harder? Veris, the saint of screwing yourself over, understands. He'll screw himself so you don't have to! Veris is my truth, is he yours? If not he still looks pretty cool *insert winky face* Now in tasty candy corn colors, genitals included.


Skelevex Defaced


Defaced is a collaborative "Skelevex Die Orama" custom series, featuring the work of the Birmingham UK graffiti artist known as Hoarser. Each Skelevex measures 3 inches long and is made of hand-cast polyurethane resin. The first 5 pieces, each a one of a kind, will go on sale on Saturday August 13th 2016 at 6PM BST (1PM ET) for £14.99 each (approx $19) plus shipping at


Return of the Poopicorn


The Poopicorn is back from Switcheroo with a new sculpt...and this time he has a little pal who can help clean up after him. From Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura, each hand sculpted, hand cast, and hand painted set includes a Poopicorn, Rider, and giant Poop. The figure is available in both regular Poopicorn white (25 pieces) and Evil Poopicorn black (10 pieces). Both will run you $90.00 each.


Skelevex Spectrum Stardust


The Skelevex Spectrum Stardust is a 3-inch long handmade polyurethane resin cast piece by DMS. The figure will be released in a range of 12 high gloss colors, with a silver glittered protective clear coat. They'll be made available individually or as an entire set. Each figure will run £9.99 (about $13) plus shipping. There are discounts on sets of six and full sets. Look for the Skelevex Spectrum Stardust resins to go on sale beginning on Friday July 29th 2016 at 6PM BST (1PM ET) HERE.

Stranger – élan vital


Flawtoys, in collaboration with Deanist, will be releasing a limited edition figure called Stranger - élan vital (élan vital means inner life-force). The inner figure is a Whitecell purchased from Plasticcell, painted by Deanist and embedded in resin by Flawtoys. It stands in at 7.7 inches in height and two figures will be released by both Flawtoys and Deanist (links above) beginning today (July 26th 2016) at 3PM ET for 160 euros each (about $176).