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Zorz – Future Yellow Edition


Tesselate will be releasing a new resin character today (February 10th 2015) at 8PM GMT (3PM ET). Zorz - a member of Pext Friends -  will be released in a Future Yellow Edition. Measuring 3.5-inches in height and limited to an edition of 10 pieces, the resin figure will be priced at £10.00 plus shipping (about $11). Each character will be signed and numbered (on the bottom) by the artist. And inside of the packaging header card will be a special unique message to each Zorz owner. This secret is between you and Zorz itself. 

Elephantos: Outbreak Edition


From turboPISTOLA, the Elephantos: Outbreak Edition resin figures made their way to the Days of the Dead: Atlanta horror convention this past weekend. Each figure is cast in resin and finished with multiple paint applications, to produce subtle and not-so-subtle differences in each figure. And the header cards are hand painted and made from discarded 35 mm photographs. If you didn't pick one up there, they're also available online (via the above link) for $25.00 each


Tricera-Tank Release Info

Galaxxor and Goodleg Toys have teamed up on a limited edition run of Tricera-Tank figures. The 5.5-inch tall resin figure features three points of articulation (shoulders and tail) and will include an 8" x 10" print featuring artwork by JB Roe.

The figure itself was mashed up and re-sculpted by Ben Spencer, produced in resin by Goodleg Toys, and hand painted by Ben Spencer. It's limited to a run of only 5 pieces and will be available to order for $95.00 beginning today (Friday February 6th 2015) at Noon CDT from The Galaxxor Online Store.

And now for some backstory:

Shortly before a devastating meteor impact on Planet Prehis, a team of soldiers and scientists of the Lazer-Saur race were sent into space to find a place that was told to be the source of life. This fabled place was the so called "Forbidden Zone", palladium of the Prima Materia, which was protected by an ancient ape civilization known as the Holo Apes. The Lazer-Saurs had to construct the ultimate weapon to stand against an almost invincible force. They created the Tricera-Tanks: powerful, fully robotic dino warriors! The Tricera-Tanks are the Lazer-Saurs last hope to defeat the Holo Apes, gather the essence of life, return to their home planet, and to save Prehis from its fate.


Marble Madness Lucky Bags


On Wednesday January 28th 2015 at 4PM ET, the Disarticulators will be releasing their Marble Madness Lucky Bags. The release is set to feature a number of one-off marbled figures spanning the past two and a half years of Disarticulator releases, including guaranteed large (Rotten Tomato) and medium (Leucotomy Ball) sized figures as well as two standard scale keshi (from a choice of the Atomic Uchuujin, Lobsterman or Critter). Each one has been hand sculpted by Zectron and produced in a keshi-style rubber by Tru:Tek.

The Lucky Bags are limited to an edition of just 8 pieces, with each one selling for $100.00 plus shipping. There will also be a number of other figures available on the drop, including a new one-off marbled run of Strange Kids Club’s Screwballs. Limited to just 10 figures, they'll be priced at $35.00 plus shipping. They'll all be available at the Man-E-Toys store.


Four New Variants from BigManToys


Four new figures will be released over at BigManToys today (January 15th 2015) at 7PM ET. They're ringing in the new year with a cacophony of resurrected 5.5" resin chaos. 

Treegarr is back, with re-tooled joints, in 2 new color ways. Limited to 3 pieces of each - Bloodbound (clear resin coated with clear red high gloss paint), and Totally Toxic (neon green with purple accents, black washes, and Treegarr's classic glowing yellow eyes). They'll run $75.00 each.

The Golden-Axe inspired Chicken Leg mount is back, with it's first alternative colorway - Slime Green. This is limited to 3 pieces and will sell for $55.00 each. Moribund is back due to popular demand - after selling out in its original colorways of creepy green and bone white - in neon Punk Pink. It's limited to 3 pieces and priced at $60.00.

Master(s) of the Underworld


Goodleg Toys has teamed up with Steve Seeley to bring you the Master(s) of the Underworld - a new fangled Skeletor bootleg. The figure will be released in run of 5 single colored and 5 two colored blank versions. They will be one-offs and all will be bagged. There will also be 5 skull-white and 5 skeletor blue hand painted and carded versions.

All of the Master(s) of the Underworld figures will drop on Thursday, January 15th 2015 at 6PM ET via the above link. The bagged figures will run $40.00, while the carded figures will cost you $65.00.

Day of the Slug


Intelligent slugs are not new to Earth. They're just small enough for us to not know about them. From the telekinetic deep sea nudibranch elders, to the hard-mantled terrestrial gastropod mollusc, their secrets are finally revealed - forcing them out into the open to live alongside, or battle mankind!!

That's from the new minifigure series releasing today called the Day of the Slug. Available at BigManToys, there are four Slug figures in each wave...with four waves planned. Available as rubber figures (although resin will apparently be available as well), each Slug will run $10.00 plus shipping. There's also a trading card option that will run $1.00 additional for the card of your selected Slug. You can also pick up a 4-pack for $30.00.


Harr Hanchor, the Nuclear Anchor


Goodleg Toys has released their fourth Shipwrecked Plunder Boy figure -Harr Hanchor, the Nuclear Anchor. This 5.5-inch hand-sculpted, hand-cast, and hand-painted resin figure features 4 points of articulation and a plutonium anchor that's not really made out of plutonium. Each one comes bagged with a header card and can be purchased for $75.00 via the above link.

And for more background info on the character...

Blackweird and his crew had entered URUNGATUNGA. A mystical island located deep in the Oceans of Eternity. The place that was said to be Captain Blackweird’s ultimate destiny. But something didn’t want them to enter. A certain force, incarnated in a gigantic pile of muscle meat. Muskolator! Mutated, neoplasmatic monster, guardian of Urungatunga! It was a long, bloody battle. Many lost their lives. But in the end, nothing could stand against Harr’s radioactive anchor! Harr Hanchor, the Nuclear Anchor - Captain Blackweird’s loyal boatsman and combatant. Pater putativus of Sbobbabob, and vanquisher of the abominable Muskolator.