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Darth Kelemer – he’s from the expanded universe…

Good For You Toys has teamed up with Junkfed, under the GoodJunk name, to bring fans of Dov Kelemer the Darth Kelemer inaction figure. A tribute to Dov, for his 41st birthday, this figure is for ages 41 and up. It's an edition of 20 pieces, of which 19 pieces will be available for sale. He comes complete with signature grey shirt, black shorts and sandals. And since he is the collector of collectors, they gave him his own micro Darth Kelemer carded with custom bubble in mint and ready to grade condition. They'll be available for sale from on Friday September 12th 2014 at Noon PST for $100.00 plus shipping.

SelfishLittleProductions’ Mr. Canker and The Amnion Sequence


SelfishLittleProductions will be releasing the initial run of two resin figures on Saturday August 23rd 2014 at 5PM ET.

Mr. Canker (pictured above) is a 5.5-inch tall solid resin figure with magnet articulated arms. The first wave is limited to only six unique one-off colorways and is bagged in a faux soiled burlap sack with full color header. Buyers will have the option of which variations they'd like for $40.00 with shipping included.

The Amnion Sequence (pictured below) is a 6-inch tall resin figure, featuring a magnet articulated head. It's limited to nine different colorways and comes blind-bagged for $15.00.


Phobos: Interdimensional Space Demon

Galaxxor Phobos front

The first Galaxxor x Frenzy Bros collaboration has resulted in Phobos: Interdimensional Space Demon. The classic 5.5" action figure-style resin art toy features a head that was sculpted by Frenzy Bros. and a body that was sculpted by Ben Spencer, engineered and produced in resin by The Godbeast and True Cast Studio, and hand painted by Ben Spencer. Phobos features two points of articulation and comes packed in a traditional bag and header style.

Phobos: The Interdimensional Space Demon will be available Friday August 1st 2014 at Noon CST from the Galaxxor online store for $85.00 each. It's a limited edition of only 3 pieces.

Galaxxor Phobos back

Bartholio OG Hand Paint Edition

Bartholio 2

The latest collaboration between tattoo artist AshMadeThis and the Disart ToyLabs will enchant the children of the 90's. The Bartholio custom bootleg is inspired by Ash’s hugely popular pin badge design of the same name. The figure has been booted by Disart’s Tru:Tek from a vintage 4" Beavis bendy toy, with an originally sculpted Bart head from NolanJP

The Bartholio OG Hand Paint Edition has been hand cast in a hard resin and hand painted by Ash. Each figure comes bagged with a custom header and will run £25.00 (about $43).

Also, the Bartholio “Naked Bart” and “Naked Beavis” jumbo keshi editions (keshi-style rubber) will be available for £10.00 each (about $17).

The figures will debut in limited numbers at the Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Con this Saturday, July 19th 2014. Open pre-orders for all 3 versions will be up for grabs from the AshMadeThis web-store on July 21st 2014.

Bartholio 1