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New Works from turboPISTOLA


Artist Daniel Smith aka turboPISTOLA returned from Designer Con 2015 and still has a number of pieces available to purchase...including a slew of Ion Men customs, a run of Microman-inspired figures with custom decals, and the Elephantos: Gold Edition resin figure. He also has new pins, some patches, stickers, and shirts...and balls (Mania Balls).

Everything shown is available now at Just in case you were like me and didn't get out to DCon '15. 

Goodleg Toys’ Krampus Release


Goodleg Toys has their Krampus action figure release set for Krampus Night - December 5th 2015 at Noon ET. This release will be limited to 13 pieces, including three Badleg Krampus figures (featuring hand cuffs, and a birch as accessory) for $70.00 each, five Goodleg Krampus Custom Edition figures (resin heads on original MOTU bodies with twist-waist action) for $50.00 each, and five Goodleg Krampus Full Resin Edition (with busted hand cuffs as accessory) for $60.00 each. All figures are flocked, have four points of articulation, and come bagged with a header card.

Shadoe Delgado’s Koog Resin Figure


Shadoe Delgado has released a new original resin figure named Koog. Koog is a 3-inch tall resin figure that joins the world of the Shadowlings.

This is Kooglyberry, Koog for short. He obsessively eats jelly donuts leaving his tongue tinted by the delicious jelly filling.

The figure is available in Blue, Orange, and Green colorways. Also, from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, there will be a Black and White colorway available. They can currently be ordered from Shadoe's webstore (linked above) for $20.00 each.


Tasha Zimich’s NoDrama Llama and Sleepymouse


Artist Tasha Zimich will be debuting a pair of new resin figures at my Designer Con Booth #1033. The NoDrama Llama are 2.5 inches tall and will be available in both hand-painted one-off versions for $30.00 and unpainted assorted colors for $18.00. The second debut is the 2.75-inch long Sleepymouse cameo brooch. Each hand-painted piece will be available with pin backings and as necklace pendants.  They will range in price from $35.00 to $55.00 for those on hand-made necklaces. Also, some colored resin versions will also be available at the show for folks who might like to paint their own.

Wood Candy Toooba: Silly, Surly, and Sleepy


Wood Candy Workshop has revealed the Silly, Surly, and Sleepy variants of the Wood Candy Toooba, which will be available at Designer Con 2015. The 8-inch tall Toooba is designed and handmade in Flower Mound Texas. Featuring three points of articulation, the Tooba is comprised of four species of hardwood - cherry, walnut, maple, and padauk. It will be a limited edition of 27 pieces (9 of each variant).

“Ofuda” Oozeball Release


The Disarticulators' Tru:Tek is offering a chance to ward off the evil spirits of Friday the 13th with a special “Ofuda” Oozeball release that will take place on Friday November 13th 2015 at 13:13 ET (1:13PM). Designed by Tru:Tek and sculpted by Zectron, the Ooze-It/Madballs send up has been produced in a squishy white sofubi with a detail hugging black rub and hand sprayed ooze in a variety of one-off colors. A limited edition run of 5 “Ofuda” Oozeballs, each one packaged in a linen drawstring bag, will be available from Man-E-Toys Shop for $65.00 each plus shipping.

Wood Candy Workshop announces Toooba


Wood Candy Workshop has announced Toooba, an 8-inch tall handcrafted limited edition hardwood collectible. Designed and handmade in Flower Mound, Texas, Tooba will be available with 3 variant faces: Silly, Sleepy, and Surly (Surly is pictured above). The piece is comprised of four species of hardwood (Cherry, Maple, Walnut, and Padauk), then hand rubbed in satan finish oil and topped off with beeswax. Tuba will be a limited edition of 27 total pieces and will be released at Designer Con 2015.