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Mr. TeePee…Single Ply, Double the Fun


Aaron Arel (uh oh Toys) sent in word of his new resin-cast toy called Mr. TeePee.  The figures were designed, sculpted, cast and packaged by Aaron in his apartment.  Each
Mr. TeePee comes packaged in a handmade bag and tube and includes a button and
the story of the character. 

The piece is limited to a run of 25 including 7
different colorways and 8 limited flocked versions.  The standard
version will run you $10 with the flocked at $12.  And remember kids...always wipe! 

Hollis Price and Burgerbuns


Hollis Price Clear Purple and Burgerbuns Clear Teal will be released Friday May 23rd around 12 Noon PDT in The Le Merde Shop at Etsy.  It will be a release of 10 of each character...and run $85 a piece.  Everytime I see one of these pieces from Le Merde...I always want to pick one up...then I forget.  What was I talking about?

Hello, Brute: Brute Toy 2


This Wednesday (May 21st) at 5PM PST, Hello, Brute will be releasing their handmade Brute Toy 2.  The edition of eight pieces have been hand-cast in polyurethane resin and hand-painted.
Each piece is 9" tall, signed and numbered.


An Offering at the Altar


From Andrew Bell's latest show - Burning Desire - and produced by Hobbymaster 2K3 Studio come the Altars. These limited edition sculptures come in 3 various styles (from left to right in group photos): All Seeing (limited edition of 3), Skull (limited edition of 5) and Big Mouth (limited edition of 3).

The Altars stand in at 30" tall, are hand painted and will run you $1,000 plus shipping.  They are only available through Lulubell Toys.


Burgerguts Green Skull


The Burgerguts Green Skull figure from Le Merde will be made available on Wednesday April 16th beginning around 5PM PST in the
Le Merde Shop at Etsy.  Each one will run $95.  When it comes to artists that I dig, Le Merde is one thta I love...but I've yet to purchase.

Rocket Sloth from Porlzilla


The newest handcrafted figure from Porlzilla is named Rocket Sloth.  The above photo is of an early sculpt.  It will have arms and a backpack sculpted separately...which means it'll have some articulation.