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REVIEW: Jumping Brain DIY



Spanish designer - Emilio Garcia - describes his Jumping Brain character as “all the prodigious brains that day by day, with their art, work (to) stimulate the scene of pop-surrealism.”  We look at it and see a brain crossed with a frog.

Garcia and lapolab have turned his creation into a high quality resin piece.  Some folks might find it creepy, some might find it introspective…we just find it interesting.



The Jumping Brain DIY figure was packaged in a fairly simple brown cardboard box.  It had Promo Edition LE 50 stenciled on the top.  Inside, the figure was wrapped in tissue paper and surrounded by Styrofoam peanuts.

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ILLAZILLA Custom Wooden Toy

TNES is working on a custom toy show using a wooden toy he created called ILLAZILLA (formerly known as T-Wrecks).  He'll be making a total of 100 pieces by hand and allocating 25 to 35 for artists to customize.  So far the roster includes:

Deepcover / Newkon / Kwes / Betso / Peap / Paul Shih / Scribe / Kat B / Ckaweeks / JEF / Monster Decay / ToysREvil / Raskoe / AF Montoya x Roxy B. Montoya / Nano / East3 / P.Detonate / Ed Zepln / MCA  / Gem VS Gem / MC Baumgarten / Raskoe / tyleR