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Clone Commander Ganch

28 August 2012 at 2:36 PM 2 Comments

Sideshow Clone Commander Ganch 1

Sideshow Collectibles has released their Clone Commander Ganch - Sideshow Exclusive Edition (a Star Wars Celebration Exclusive) from their Militaries of Star Wars license. Currently in-stock, this sixth scale Clone figure is available for $124.99.

Sideshow Clone Commander Ganch 3 Sideshow Clone Commander Ganch 4

The Clone Commander Ganch figure features:

• Phase I Helmet
• Phase II Helmet
• Ganch Head Sculpt
• Thirteen Interchangeable Hands
• Pair Standing Boot
• Pair Action Boot
• BlasTech DC-15A Long Range Blaster Rifle
• BlasTech DC-15S Blaster Carbine
• Two BlasTech DC-17 Blaster Pistols
• Two Pistol Holsters
• Base with Ganch armor symbol & lower support stand

Sideshow Clone Commander Ganch 2

2 Responses to “Clone Commander Ganch”

  1. Stuart says:

    That is very cool. The Clones are easily the best thing about the prequels.

  2. Gradie says:

    This sideshow figure is amazing.
    The headsculpt if very lifelike and even without the stand it good ballanced.
    A real must have

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