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Repoclaimer Soldiers and Armorvors from The GodBeast

tgb reploclaimer

The GodBeast (Marty Hansen) continues to create crazy characters..helping expand the Glyos world. These are his Repoclaimer Soldiers (pictured above) and Armorvors (pictured below). They are pretty wild designs. I especially like the they trigger that ex-Battle Beast collector in me.

tgb armorvors


Dr Rampageo

You forgot to mention the involvment of Matt doughty and Jason Frailey…for the record


Jesse is right…

Repoclaimer Soldier is an official collaboration w/ Matt Doughty (who designed the Repoclaimer years ago). I sculpted, molded, and produced.

Armorvor is another official collaboration w/ both Matt Doughty (who designed) and Jason Frailey who sculpted it. TGB molded & produced.


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