SDCC10: Scott Tolleson and Gary Ham Booth

Gary Ham and Scott Tolleson shared a booth again this year. They brought several small run, handmade toys to Comic Con – mainly using resin and wood. Scott unveiled his … Read More

SDCC10: Uglydoll Booth

At the Uglydolls booth, we got our first look at the SDCC Exclusive Uglycorn plush. If he was too big for your suitcase, there was also the Little Ugly Uglycorn Toy … Read More

SDCC10: Grave Fellows – J.B. Finch

October Toys has introduced their Grave Fellows line. J.B. Finch is the first in a series of ghastly gentlemen who have met with an untimely fate. Each 3.5″ hand-cast, hand-painted … Read More

Plastic and Plush at SDCC 2010

Yet again, we are making the trek out to San Diego for the biggest Comic/Toy Convention in the world. Continue to check in over the next several days, as I’ll … Read More

SDCC10: Celsius Overheat Version

Unfortunately, KusoVinyl won’t be able to exhibit at San Diego Comic Con this year…but that doesn’t mean Celsius has to miss the big event. Kuso will be releasing the Celsius … Read More

SDCC10: Gary Ham’s Wood Bats

Gary Ham will have 3 very large – 14″ x 18″ – Wood Bats on hand during SDCC. There are only one of each version made. If you’re interested in … Read More

SDCC10: Le Merde

If only I had hit the Powerball jackpot… Le Merde will be at the Gargamel x Grass Hut Booth (#4739). They’ll apparently have some customs available…as well as one of … Read More

SDCC10: More From DKE Toys

DKE Toys has announced details of The Art Hustle Scavenger Hunt as well as adding a new figure from artist Amanda Visell to their SDCC exclusives list.   The Art … Read More

SDCC10: Danielle Griffith’s Binkus

The Binkus poly resin figure will be available in a limited run (about 20 painted and a handful of unpainted). The resin figure is based on the design of Danielle … Read More

tyrannoCECILrex Revealed

You probably saw the previously released teaser picture of tyrannoCECILrex…and I’m pretty sure you could have seen a copy of the original artwork. Right? Well…Nathan Hamill has now revealed photos … Read More

SDCC10: Motorbot’s Treatures and Louts

Even though Motorbot won’t be making it to SDCC this year, some of his toys will be there. There will be 9 hand painted Treatures and 2 hand painted Louts … Read More

SDCC10: Grab a Gumpy

Jose Reynoso has revealed the cool Gumpy freebies that will be making their way to San Diego Comic Con 2010. If you’re lucky enough to fin him…you might just win … Read More