Unidentified Mysterious Animal

David Horvath has shown off his newest line of figures on his extremely entertaining Uglyblog.  Made by Wonderwall, these look like the babies of some of your favorite mysterious creatures.  From left to right, it's Chupacabra, Flatwoods and Mothman. ...

REVIEW: Flatwoods Monster

Background We went to the source to ask David Horvath about his Flatwoods Monster figure, produced by Wonderwall.  He said “when Sun-Min and I met we realized that we were both huge fans of the more odd UFO folklore, especially with Mothman and the Braxton County...

Ledbetter’s Sluggadon Colorways

Joe Ledbetter's Sluggadon - a member of Wonderwall's Kaiju For Grownups line - will be released in a few alternate colorways.  The Pink and Clear Blue versions will both be released in March and limited to 100 pieces each.

New Flatwoods Monsters

David Horvath has posted a few of the last new versions of his Flatwoods Monster vinyl figures.  From Wonderwall.  Look for a review of this creation within the next week or so.  Another very cool figure from the Kaiju for Grownups line.

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