The Monkees Titans Figures

Titan Merchandise are teaming up with RHINO to release five 4.5″ TITANS Vinyl Figures featuring The Monkees – Davy, Micky, Peter, and Mike and their super-iconic Monkeemobile. Each Monkees figure is individually window-boxed and they’ll be presented in their classic Season One red tunics. Each member of the band comes with an accompanying musical instrument accessory (maracas for Davy, drumsticks for Micky, bass guitar for Peter and twelve-string for Mike).


Titan Merchandise is going to take you into the danger zone with their new series of 3-inch tall blind boxed Archer TITANS. The series features the world famous super-spy and his colleagues, allies, enemies, ex-fiances, and even his mother. This blind-box wave contains the handsome Sterling “Duchess” Archer, the deadly Lana Kane, Agency Director Malory Archer, mad-scientist Dr. Krieger, evil cyborg Barry and much, much more. Plus, there are four hidden chase figures for you to hunt and collect. Look for them to begin hitting stores in October 2017.

Pulp Fiction TITANS

Titan Merchandise and Miramax have announced the new range of blind-boxed 3-inch tall Pulp Fiction TITANS. Most of the main characters from Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece are represented here: Pumpkin and Honey Bunny, Jules and Vincent, Marsellus and his wife Mia, Jimmie, Captain Koons, Zed and The Gimp. Each 3-inch tall figure is blind-boxed and some of them come with an awesome character-specific accessory. No word on when these will hit store shelves.

Yellow Submarine TITANS

Titan Merchandise has announced their second wave of 3-inch blind box Yellow Submarine TITANS. They’re slated to be released in July 2017. Featuring the Fab Four (in both black and white and as their older selves), some Blue Meanies, and some wild new Yellow Submarine variants.

Cartoon Network TITANS

Cartoon Network and Titan Merchandise have announced the second wave of blindbox TITAN Vinyl Figures. The Cartoon Network Collection includes characters from old school and new, such as Over The Garden Wall, Ed, Edd & Eddy, Adventure Time, Clarence and more. Plus, returning to the blindbox format are Johnny Bravo in a fancy tuxedo and a starry eyed Steven Universe.

Star Trek TITANS: The Next Generation

Titan Merchandise has announced that the crew of the Enterprise-D will be released as a part of the Star Trek TITANS: The Next Generation – The “Make It So” Collection. Featured in the … Read More

Battlestar Galactica TITANS – The ‘So Say We All’ Collection

Titan Merchandise has released the above photo of their long awaited Battlestar Galactica TITANS – The ‘So Say We All’ Collection. The series features 3-inch tall blind boxed figures based on … Read More

Ghostbusters 2 TITANS Series

Titan Merchandise has unveiled photos of their Ghostbusters 2 TITANS Series. We had previously seen the illustrated characters, but this is the first time we’re seeing what the 3-inch tall … Read More

Doctor Who Wave 10 TITANS

Titan Merchandise has announced the Doctor Who Wave 10 TITANS, featuring the 12th Doctor’s adventures in Season 9. The Heaven Sent and Hell Bent Collection features a dozen new figures from the Doctor Who universe … Read More

SDCC16: Titan Merchandise Releases

Titan Merchandise will be attending San Diego Comic Con 2016 (Booth #5537) with convention exclusive and First To Market TITANS. They’ll have a pair of Star Trek TITANS debuts. There’s the 3-inch Amok … Read More

Titans – I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghosts Collection

Titan Merchandise has announced their second wave of Ghostbusters TITANS vinyl figures. Based on Ghostbusters 2, the “I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghosts Collection” features 3-inch tall blind-boxed vinyl figures…including the returning legendary quartet of … Read More

Alien Vs Predator TITANS: The ‘Whoever Wins’ Collection

Titan Merchandise has announced the upcoming Alien Vs Predator TITANS: The ‘Whoever Wins’ Collection. The blind box series features 3-inch tall vinyl figures from the film…Alien, Predators, and Humans. This series, … Read More