New at the Suckstore

To coincide with the release of the Toy Lords Of Chinatown, the Sucklord has added three new items to the Suckstore. Pictured above, the Sucktrooper Bootleg Figure is a 3.75″ … Read More

Toy Lords Of Chinatown Episode 3

The Sucklord is back with the third installment of his Toy Lords of Chinatown series. Tune in for 20 minutes of craziness…as the below summary explains. Back in Action! The … Read More

Toy Lord of Chinatown Episode 3 Screenings

Suckadelic will be celebrating the release of Episode 3 of Toy Lords of Chinatown, the no-budget DIY Supervillain Crime Comedy produced by The Super Sucklord. Episode 3 is more ambitions … Read More

SUCKLORD 43 Release and Signing

The Sucklord will be hitting Los Angeles for a signing and release at Munky King. This new exclusive bootleg goes by the name of the SUCKLORD 43. He’s a tribute/ripoff … Read More

Listen to “The MonsterPants Are On!” starring The Sucklord

In case you missed it, Episode Two of “The MonsterPants Are On!” starring The Sucklord is now available as a free download for a limited time from Cult Radio A-Go-Go. … Read More

Sucklord + Phillips de Pury

Sucklord fan? Well, the Phillips de Pury auction house has a huge lot of Suckadelic Classics in their latest Art Auction: Under The Influence. There will be 78 hard to … Read More

The Sucklord on “The MonsterPants Are On!”

Don’t miss The Sucklord on “The MonsterPants Are On!” internet radio show this Saturday, February 25th 2012 at The Sucklord “talks about his past and future work, the effect … Read More

Kymia and Sucklord in the Toy Business

Kymia Nawabi (the winning contestant from Bravo’s Work Of Art Season 2) and The Super Sucklord (some other guy that got kicked off the same show) have joined forces. They’re … Read More

The Sucklord’s Microsexuals Suckpegs

The Sucklord has released a series of four Microsexuals Suckpegs. Yes…the brilliantly comedic Microsexuals hop off of your computer screen and into Suckpeg form. Stevan, Levar, Lance and Julian come … Read More

The Sucklord’s Work Of Art Judges

The Sucklord continues his Work of Art inspired handmade resin figure line. He’s released three different options for those of you who tuned into the Bravo series. The Important Art … Read More

Occupy Cybertron Trading Cards

Those new Occupy Cybertron Trading Cards that The Sucklord debuted a few weeks back are now available in the SUCKSTORE. This is a mini-series of just 6 cards. Too bad … Read More

The Sucklord’s Occupy Cybertron Drop

The full OCCUPY CYBERTRON drop is now available to view…and The Sucklord has gone all out on what I would consider his greatest release to date. All of the festivities … Read More