Saga of the Suckadelic West: Iron Hand

The Saga of the Suckadelic West continues with a new limited edition bootleg figure from The Super Sucklord. “The Frontier Tried to Break Him, But He Was Superior…” Iron Hand … Read More

SDCC15: Attackers of the Missing Stuff S.U.C.K.L.E.

DKE Toys will be bringing the Attackers of the Missing Stuff S.U.C.K.L.E. figure to San Diego Comic Con 2015. This resin figure (not the regular S.U.C.K.L.E. material) will be a limited … Read More

The Kong Series

Suckadelic has released The Kong Series. This series features three different color versions of the infamous gorilla – The King (black), The Monster of Skull Island (brown), and The Blood … Read More

Suckadelic Old West: Action Maverick

The newest addition to the Suckadelic Old West Series is Action Maverick. The 3.75-inch tall hand-cast bootleg figure comes packaged on a 6.5″ x 8.5″ blister card. The figure is designed and … Read More

The Hood The Rad and the Indifferent

Suckadelic has released The Hood The Rad and the Indifferent, a hand-cast and hand-painted 3.75-inch tall bootleg. Created by the Super Sucklord, you can pick one up for $75.00.

Suckadelic’s The Masked Marauder

The Sucklord has released the second figure from their COWBOYS: The Suckadelic West Series. The Masked Marauder is a 3.75-inch resin figure on a 6.5-inch by 8.5-inch blister card. It’s a hand-cast … Read More

Kickstarter: Revenge of SUCKLE Mini Figures

DKE Toys is back with another Kickstarter campaign. They are attempting to raise funds to produce the Revenge of SUCKLE Mini Figure Series. Sculpted by George Gaspar, there will be … Read More

Super Suck Overlord at DCon14

The Sucklord and Aaron Childs have put together an original cardboard sculpture for Designer Con 2014. The Super Suck Overlord will measures 26″ tall and feature a removable cape and … Read More

Just what are the Sucklord’s Suckpanels

Listen…I usually "get" what the Sucklord is doing with most of his limited edition special releases. But these "Suckpanel" things…I must be missing something. Take, for example, the image above. … Read More

New Suckhole Studio Exclusives

Suckadelic has opened up a new MyShopify store in order to peddle some of their new “studio exclusives”. These are things you wouldn’t have been able to get your hands … Read More

SDCC14: DKE Toys – Necro Klaw

The DKE Toys booth (#5045) will be the spot to pick up the San Diego Comic Con 2014 release – Necro Klaw by MuscleThings Laboratories. The 2″ tall hand cast soft … Read More

SDCC14: DKE Toys – SUCKLE Rejects Series 1

DKE Toys has announced another San Diego Comic Con 2014 release. The S.U.C.K.L.E. Rejects Series 1 Set is limited to a run of 100 sets. Each set of 4 handmade resin figures … Read More