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Bearycalm Kickstarter Update


Bearycalm, the joint project between Bubi Au Yeung, Camilo Bejarano and Crazy Label, continues to raise money on Kickstarter. They're inching closer to that $11,750 goal. The project will only go into production if that amount is raised by Saturday May 19th 2012 at 12:27AM ET.

And the latest news is the wax version of Bearycalm. Oh...and they have also revealed the various postcard designs. So are you backing this project?

The Original Bearycalm

Bearycalm prototype

Bearycalm is the first creation by the artist duo composed by Bubi Au Yeung and Camilo Bejarano. They have taken to Kickstarter to raise funds to have the above shown prototype produced as a vinyl toy. The production run will be from Crazy Label, who Bubi has worked on with her many Treeson figures.

Of course, there are many different funding levels with various rewards at each level (look for the White, Mint and Black Bearycalm). And since this is Kickstarter, this project will only be funded if at least $11,750 is pledged by Saturday May 19th 2012 at 12:27AM EDT.

CONTEST: Win 1000 Teddies (well…only one)

Crazy Label 1000 Teddies

Thanks to the fine folks over at Crazy Label, we are giving away one of Philipp Jordan's  1000 Teddies vinyl figure. The 8" tall piece is limited to only 400 pieces - one of which will be yours.

So what do you have to do to enter?

• Head over to the Crazy Label Facebook page and 'Like' them.
• Let us know in the comments section of this post that you Liked them. (Just write anything, but remember to include your email address in the appropriate field)

The contest will run until Friday March 30th 2012 at 11:59PM EDT. One winner will be chosen at random and notified on April 1st.

REVIEW: 1000 Teddies

Crazy Label 1000 Teddies 01


1000 Teddies is an art installation from Philipp Jordan. The show consists of 1,000 canvases of various sizes...all featuring Teddies. Imagine a room with 2,000 teddy bear eyes staring directly at you.

Crazy Label teamed up with Philipp to turn one of his ursine characters into a vinyl toy. While the Teddies from the exhibition come in all shapes, sizes and colors, they chose a design that's an amalgam ('s probably on a few of those canvases). What you get is the aptly named 1000 Teddies vinyl.

Crazy Label 1000 Teddies 09

The Facts

1000 Teddies
Manufacturer: Crazy Label
Artist: Philipp Jordan
Material: Rotocast Vinyl
Dimensions: 8” tall
Points of Articulation: One (Neck)
Edition Size: 400 pieces
Pricing: $69.95

Crazy Label 1000 Teddies 02


The packaging features an illustrated version of the chosen Teddie design on the front. On the rear of the box, you get a glimpse of some of those 1000 Teddies. Inside, the vinyl is held in place by a pair of snapping plastic trays. There's an additional tray that holds a postcard that describes the 1000 Teddies show.

Crazy Label 1000 Teddies 08

Our Opinion

I'm guessing that with 1000 Teddies to choose from, it might have been difficult for Philipp Jordan and Crazy Label to select the one representative that would be turned into a toy. Not only which head shape, but what color was also important. I like that they went the safe route and chose one of Philipp's more traditional Teddies.

Crazy Label 1000 Teddies 11

Similar to Erick Scarecrow's Wet-Suit Maria, the 1000 Teddies vinyl went for a non-traditional, leaning sculpt. The figure's hands and arms are stretched behind his back, while its body leans slightly to his right. There's one point of articulation – at the neck.

If you take a closer look at the 1000 Teddies' sculpt, he's not smooth. It appears that gauze (or something with that checkered pattern - burlap?) was applied to the final sculpt before getting molded. That texture gives it an almost plush like look. But the texturized body is somewhat offset by the smooth sculpt and glossy paint of the eyes and nose.

Crazy Label 1000 Teddies 14

While there aren't many paint ops, the work that's there is well done. The mouth looks great – very simple, but it looks like an extension of the nose. And the shading around the eyes and ears, while it might go unnoticed, gives the Teddy a forlorn look.

In a marketplace that has been lacking big vinyl toys, Crazy Label has produced a quality piece. With the popularity of teddy bears amongst toy collectors, I'm guessing that 400 pieces (why not 1000 Teddies) might go quickly. However, at a little less than $70 each, I'm guessing the 1000 Teddies vinyl will be for serious collectors.

For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.

You can pick one up at the following:

Crazy Label: $69.95

Crazy Label 1000 Teddies Grades
Crazy Label 1000 Teddies 03
Crazy Label 1000 Teddies 04
Crazy Label 1000 Teddies 05
Crazy Label 1000 Teddies 06
Crazy Label 1000 Teddies 07
Crazy Label 1000 Teddies 10
Crazy Label 1000 Teddies 12
Crazy Label 1000 Teddies 13

7 Days of Lucky with Crazy Label

crazy label 7 days of lucky

It is that time of the year again and Crazy Label is celebrating the year of the Dragon with some lucky winners. Running from today (January 23rd 2012) until January 29th 2012, any purchase over $10.00 (excluded shipping charges) on will be entered into a lucky draw for one Lucky Bag of the Day. All winners will be informed by email on January 30th 2012.

Highlights of the Lucky Bags:

• Assorted Crazylabel toys worth over $100 for each bag!
• Secret gifts from Bubi Au Yeung, Veggieseomthing and Sergey Safonov - priceless!
• Secret chase figure from the Treeson and Other Stories Blindbox Series.
• Unpainted flesh vinyl, production samples...etc.

Crazy Label releases 1000 Teddies (Well, 400 of them)

1000 teddies 1

In collaboration with German toy shop, Crazy Label has released an 8" tall designer vinyl figure based on the 1000 Teddies installation. 1000 Teddies is an installation consisting of 1000 canvases of various formats...and Crazy Label has brought Philipp Jordan's teddy from canvas to the third dimension.

The figure is currently available to order from and now. Limited to a run of only 400 pieces, pick one up for $74.95.

1000 teddies 2
1000 teddies 3

Crazy Label x 1000 Teddies

crazy label 1000 teddies

Crazy Label posted up this photo of the first 8" designer vinyl figure from the 1000 Teddies project. I don't have many details on the figure, but it's nice seeing the artwork of Philip Jordan turned into a toy.

REVIEW: House of Liu Contemporary Series

house of liu bb 01


“Long before the attack on the House of Liu by the Qing soldiers, Di Di and Mei Mei were playful little kids.” Crazy Label has released their House of Liu Contemporary Series, a 3” tall blind box line. Artist Veggiesomething has decided to remix his characters in a more contemporary style – Kawaii.

house of liu bb 04

The Facts

House of Liu Contemporary Series
Manufacturer: Crazy Label
Artist: Veggiesomething (James Liu)
Material: Rotocast vinyl
Dimensions: 3” tall
Points of Articulation: 3 (neck and arms)
Designs: Baby Di Di and Baby Mei Mei in Blue, Pink, Green and Purple (or secret Pirate colorway)

house of liu bb 02


The House of Liu Contemporary Series is packaged in blind boxes. The outside of the box features illustrated versions of Di Di and Mei Mei, as well as a lineup of the possible designs you might pull. Inside, the figure is held in a semi-transparent cloth-like bag.

house of liu bb 07

Our Opinion

Luckily, I was able to get one of each character – Di Di and Mei Mei - when I pulled only two of the blind boxes. The 3” tall baby figures do differ a little from the original (larger) vinyl figures. But this isn't the first 3” tall line of Baby House of Liu figures. Crazy Label released smaller versions of the original Di Di and Mei Mei colorways about three years ago.

So, the Contemporary Series adds a splash of color to the House of Liu platform. I like these a little more than the originals. I think that adding the different color “clothing” works for a blind box series. Of course collectors will want to pick up their favorite color.

house of liu bb 10

As far as quality, these are your average mini vinyl figures. The pad printing on the shirts (and Mei Mei's hair) looks good. Some of the white paint on the face isn't super-tight, but it's not sloppy either. (These were actually some of the most difficult toys to photograph because of the various depths of the figure.)

Crazy Label was able to keep these under the dreaded $10.00 per blind box mark, which always gets extra points from me. While this probably wouldn't be a series that I would need to collect every design, picking up one or two would definitely brighten up your House of Liu collection.

You can pick one up at the following:

Crazy Label: $9.95 ea.

House of Liu Contemporary Series - Grades

Figure Quality: 8/10
   Sculpt: 8/10
   Paint: 7/10
Accessories/Outfit: N/A
Packaging: 9/10
Durability: 9/10
Fun Factor: 8/10
Value: 8/10

Overall: 8.7/10

house of liu bb 09
house of liu bb 08
house of liu bb 06
house of liu bb 05
house of liu bb 03
house of liu bb 11

Exclusive Birthday Treeson Box Set Release – Tomorrow

treeson 2011 2

Crazy Label will be releasing their Exclusive Birthday Treeson Box Set tomorrow (August 8th 2011) to celebrate Treeson's 6th Birthday. Four stores will be participating, with each having 30 complete sets in addition to their respective colorway. The edition size for each colorway is 300 pieces, and they will retail at about $20.00 a box.

Below are the release times of the Birthday Box Set:

Shanghai – 8:00PM
New York – 8:00AM
London – 1:00PM
Amsterdam – 2:00PM

Kusso - Blue
Myplasticheart - Grey
Playlounge - Yellow
Mintyfresh - Black & White

treeson 2011 1

Crazy Label x Peskimo

crazy label peskimo

Crazy Label has posted the above progress shot of a new figure they are producing with artist Peskimo. It looks like a new spin on the Monster Burp character. I'd probably name him Monster Burp While The Monster Is Lying On Its Back...although that might be a little wordy.