Transformers The Last Knight Megatron from 3A Toys

The Transformers The Last Knight Megatron Premium Scale Collectible Figure is now available for pre-order at The 19-inch tall Megatron figure comes in a Standard and Deluxe Edition, with … Read More

Threezero Game of Thrones Brienne of Tarth Teaser

Threezero has teased their next 1/6th scale figure from the Game of Thrones license. Based on the award-winning HBO series, the next figure will be Brienne of Tarth. Featuring the … Read More

Tuxedo Kittypillar Pre-Order

3A Toys has announced that their Tuxedo Kittypillar figure will be available for pre-order running from September 19th until September 26th 2018. From artist Casey Weldon, this version will be … Read More

3AGO Square 2018 Assortment

On September 13th 2018 at 9PM ET, you’ll be able to pre-order the 3AGO Square 2018 Assortment via Bambaland. The 3AGO V-TOL Square Set, designed by Ashley Wood, will include the following … Read More


On August 22nd 2018 at 9PM ET, 3A Toys will be releasing a limited edition pre-made figure. Timezone. Only available at Bambaland, the FANG GAL R6 1:1 STIRLING MAIDEN FANG is … Read More

Neapolitan Harlequin Set from 3A Toys

3A Toys (via Bambaland) has released the Neapolitan Harlequin Set for pre-order. Designed by artist Ashley Wood, each set include a Fang Gal R5 (13 inches tall) and a Bambaboss … Read More

16-inch Ashtro Lad – King Coal and Tro Glow

In addition to the regular edition Ashtro Lad, 3A Toys has released a pair of alternate colorways available via their Bambaland store. KING The King Coal Ashtro Lad will be … Read More


3A Toys has announced the pre-order details for their ASHTRO LAD vinyl figure. Standing in at 16 inches tall and designed by artist Ashley Wood, this (Astro Boy looking) Anniversary … Read More

Steel Detective Batman from 3A Toys

The final Batman in the DC Steel Age line, Steel Detective is a pre-made, limited edition of 300 pieces that are currently available to purchase at Bambaland. The Steel Detective edition … Read More

Paul Pope’s THB + HR Watson Super Set

Created by Paul Pope and produced by 3A, the Collectible Super Set includes a pair of 1/6th scale figures – HR Watson and the THB Vinyl Collectible Statue. The set also … Read More

Warbot Full Load Pre-Order

Designed by Ashley Wood and available from Bambaland, 3A Toys has announced the pre-order release of the Warbot Full Load. This 1/6th scale figure is Robot Club Number 3 – to … Read More

7174 NOM by F3ACTORY

3A Toys has released the 7174 NOM by F3ACTORY. Available only via, this 1/6th scale collectible figure (designed by Ashley Wood) sells for $180.00. The 1/6th scale 7174 NOM includes … Read More

2018 3AA Membership

3A Toys has announced that their 3AA Membership opens up on January 15th 2018. This is the 10th year of the membership, which will include the long awaited FUTURE MORT 13. … Read More

3A Toys’ Halloween 2-Pack Set

3A Toys is currently taking pre-orders (ending 9PM ET tonight) for the 1/6th Scale Halloween 2Pack Collectible Figure Series Set, designed by Ashley Wood and SiuYin. The set includes The … Read More

3A Toys’ Night Mission Captain America

3A Toys is now taking pre-orders for the Night Mission Captain America. This monochromatic version of Cap comes complete with a Stealth Styled Shield that features magnetic detailing which grants … Read More