Tracey the XXXmas Tomorrow Queen

Ashley Wood and threeA will be releasing Tracey the XXXmas Tomorrow Queen on November 18th 2010 at 9AM Hong Kong time (8PM EST on November 17th).  The figure will be … Read More

A.B.C. Warriors Mongrol

ThreeA is showing off the prototype for their Mongrol figure that will be on sale in January 2011. Mongrol is from A.B.C. Warriors, a long running 2000 AD comic strip, … Read More

Oh Geez…

This is the first time that we’ve seen all four Adventure Kartel JC figures from ThreeA Toys and Ashley Wood. There’s Fighting JC, Exegesis JC, Tracky Boss JC and Mauro … Read More

Adventure Kartel Fighting JC

Someone might be going to hell for this one… ThreeA Toys and Ashley Wood will be releasing the Adventure Kartel Fighting JC (JC stand for Jesus Cries…of course). The figure … Read More

2000 AD’s THARG

Starting today (April 20, 2010) at 10AM London Time, Bambaland will be releasing THARG of 2000 AD. This 1/6th scale, 12" tall, fully articulated will be available for $80.00, which … Read More

Tommy Mission – Emo of Adventure

ThreeA Toys and Bambaland released their Tommy Mission figure today (January 1st)  at 9AM Hong Kong time. Tommy Mission, the self styled Emo of Adventure, is the founding member of … Read More

WWR Armstrong Released

Ashley Wood’s WWR Armstrong – Lunar Defence and Shadow Guard went on sale yesterday. From ThreeA Toys, both are 14.8″ in size and fully articulated. Oh! And each one comes with a really big gun. They’re available from BAMBALAND for…


The fine print might be a little too fine for some of us with older eyes. But Three A will be offering up the pictured BAMBABOSS DIY. The figure will be made available through the Bambaland Store on June 24th…for…

WWR Square Pre-Order

Ashley Wood and 3A Toys are at it again. His latest addition to the World War Robot family is the WWR Square2. There will be 10 different figures, all having that amazing weathered/aged look to them. And – via his…