Cookies N Cream The New New York Collection

Cookies N Cream has announced the release of their Fall 2010 Collection titled “The New New York”. The collection was inspired by the present and nostalgic eras of the city, … Read More

3 Serpents Box Set by Yana Moskaluk

LTD Tee has made their 3 Serpents by Yana Moskaluk limited edition box set available for presale for $24.99 (men/women sizes). You’ll be able to order these from October 18th … Read More

Nerd Machine

The Nerd Machine is a little site headed up by Chuck star Zac Levi. He claims that it will be the site for all things “Nerd”. Currently, they have several … Read More

LTD Tee x UPSO – Mind Fragments

Faesthetic publisher and Toledo based graphic artist Dustin Amery Hostetler (aka. UPSO) has teamed up with LTD Tee to release the Mind Fragments t-shirt and box set beginning on Monday … Read More

LTD Tee’s Tanpopo 3 Box Set

To celebrate the recent release of her Tanpopo 3 manga comic book, LTD Tee has teamed up with artist/creator Camilla D’Errico to offer an exclusive box set. This release features … Read More

New Nakanari Custom and T-shirt

Nakanari has a few new projects in development. First up is his custom Spiki Rhino Ranger for upcoming Jouwe Custom Show taking place at Arty Farty Gallery in Cologne, Germany. … Read More

Head of the Giant Robot Box Set

LTD Tee has teamed up with the Jet City Comic Show in Seattle to produce this exclusive shirt with acclaimed comic book artist Shane White. The show is on September … Read More

2011 Uglydoll T-shirt Line

The 2011 Uglydoll T-shirt Line has been released…well before the end of 2010. Released by Mighty Fine, it appears that there are nine new designs available for your purchasing (and … Read More

Tell the world you don’t love love

Make a statement the next time you walk out of the door. Let people know “I don’t need your f*cking love!”. (you might not want to get this one for … Read More

My Imoto from Tilteed

Tilteed has released a t-shirt that Kaiju fans are sure to love. The “My Imoto” design is by The_JCW and shows a kaiju character hitting the streets of Japan. The … Read More

I Watched Lost for 6 Seasons, and all I got were these Daddy Issues

Tyson Givens has released a new LOST t-shirt named Daddy Issues. After watching the series finale of LOST, were you stuck thinking, “I Watched Lost for 6 Seasons, and all … Read More

New Tees from Crazy Go Lucky

To celebrate Crazy Go Lucky’s fourth year in operation, they have released a pair of new t-shirt designs. The Amphead and Night And Day tees are now available in the … Read More