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Jenn & Tony Bot’s “Bubbles!” Debut


Jenn & Tony Bot will be releasing their first original designer toy  in partnership with Clutter Magazine. “Bubbles!”, standing in at 1-inch tall, will debut at Designer Con at Broke Piggy's Booth #723. The six-legged sheep will be available to purchase for $25.00 each. And for those who cannot attend, more colorways are planned for the near future.

DKE Toys’ Designer Con Releases – Part 3

It's likely that DKE Toys will have the largest accumulation of exclusives at Designer Con this weekend (November 21-22) in Pasadena. They'll be at Booth #812. Below is our third group of photos showing details of six more pieces that will be available to purchase - in limited quantities - at the DKE booth. 

Jermaine Rogers at Designer Con 2015


Jermaine Rogers will be attending Designer Con 2015 with a number of limited edition pieces. He'll be held up at Booth #920 several limited edition screen prints, the debut of a handful of skate decks, and toys: Dero Skin Choices (25 pieces); Unpainted Choice (50 pieces); Creeping: Deity Talisman (25 pieces).

Gary Baseman’s The Wild “Bad” Girls Set


3DRetro will be at Designer Con 2015 in Booth #532 with a number of new releases. One of them is Gary Baseman’s Wild “Bad” Girls Set - for the first time released as a set. The three Wild Girls are dressed in black with masks and have a pair Chou Chou companions. Limited to only 120 sets worldwide, they'll be available for $200.00 at Designer Con.

Also, Gary Baseman will be signing for fans on Saturday November 21st at the 3DRetro Booth from 2:30pm - 3:30pm.

Ron English’s Artist Gnome: OG Edition


3DRetro has announced one of a handful of exclusives that they will be bringing to Booth #532 during Designer Con 2015. Ron English’s Artist Gnome: OG Edition is based on the original artwork (self-portrait) of Ron English.The 4-inch tall vinyl Gnome wears a Popaganda Rabbbit t-shirt with paint splattered pants. You'll be able to pick one up, limited to a run of 300 pieces, for $30.00.

Space Crab Wars at Designer Con

Martian Toys will be hosting Space Crab Wars at Booth #603 at this year's Designer Con. The custom show features two "teams" of about 40 artists each - one from North America and one from Europe. We've received several customs from artists that will be competing in the show.

One Ugly Crustacean (shown above) is the custom entry from artist Mike Strick. Mike will be on Team Europe.

Also, Infinite Rabbits, who will be competing for Team North America, will contribute a piece entitled, "4... 3... 2... 1..."

And KC Tararuj is showing off three custom pieces (Crab Tyson, Crabedelic, and Crab Armstrong), although only one of these will be in the competition for Team North America.  

Tasha Zimich’s NoDrama Llama and Sleepymouse


Artist Tasha Zimich will be debuting a pair of new resin figures at my Designer Con Booth #1033. The NoDrama Llama are 2.5 inches tall and will be available in both hand-painted one-off versions for $30.00 and unpainted assorted colors for $18.00. The second debut is the 2.75-inch long Sleepymouse cameo brooch. Each hand-painted piece will be available with pin backings and as necklace pendants.  They will range in price from $35.00 to $55.00 for those on hand-made necklaces. Also, some colored resin versions will also be available at the show for folks who might like to paint their own.

Warui Zonbis Designer Con Debut


Tru:Tek has announced the debut of Gory Hole's Warui Zonbis, which will be available at Skinner's Designer Con 2015 booth. This is the debut sofubi from Tru:Tek‘s Gory Hole imprint.

Inspired by MaBa’s 80’s toy line “Zombies” (ゾンビーズ), as well as cult horror flicks from the 80’s and 90’s, the first round of finger puppet-style figures feature 2 designs; “SS Wolfgang”, taken from the classic nazi dream sequence in American Werewolf in London, and “Selwyn”, the zombie baby seen in Peter Jackson’s early b-movie classic Dead Alive.

Measuring in at 3″ tall,both SS Wolfgang and Selwyn will be debuting in super-limited quantities in an unpainted yellow vinyl. Pricing for the set is still to be confirmed.


Wood Candy Toooba: Silly, Surly, and Sleepy


Wood Candy Workshop has revealed the Silly, Surly, and Sleepy variants of the Wood Candy Toooba, which will be available at Designer Con 2015. The 8-inch tall Toooba is designed and handmade in Flower Mound Texas. Featuring three points of articulation, the Tooba is comprised of four species of hardwood - cherry, walnut, maple, and padauk. It will be a limited edition of 27 pieces (9 of each variant).

Flat Bonnie’s Snax’on the Alien and Baron Von Battington


Flat Bonnie will be attending Designer Con 2015 with a pair of new exclusive plushes - Snax'on the Alien and Baron Von Battington - at Booth #216.

Snax'on the Alien (pictured above) measures in at 11 inches in height. The handmade plush is limited to a run of 30 pieces. Made of faux fur, vinyl pleather, and safety eyes, they will run $50.00 each.

Baron Von Battington - Winter White Edition (pictured below) is a 16-inch wide handmade plush made of soft fleece, vinyl pleather, a silver chain, and safety eyes. Limited to an edition of 20 pieces, you'll be able to pick one up for $30.00.