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Tokidoki Kaniza SDCC 2008 Release


SDCC 2008 is just around the corner, and ToyQube offers the first preview of what is to come this July in San Diego.

Ahoy Mates!  Get ready to take a ride with Tokidoki on the high seas.  This is the first look at the new Tokidoki Kaniza being released by ToyQube.  Created by one of the most popular designers right now, Simone Legno, utilizes his cute illustration style on the starfish Kaniza.  There will be 1,000 pieces of the Tokidoki Kaniza being released at SDCC 2008 from ToyQube, pricing will be revealed at a later date. 


NYCC 2008: Dead Zebra


If you looked hard enough at NYCC, you would have found Andrew Bell far away from the vinyl hustle and bustle.  He had a number of new prints, publications and shirts available.  But what we're really looking forward to is his upcoming figure - The Giver.

Meet The Micronugget


This little guy is the first offering in a new series from Suckadelic called the Deluxe Suckpegs.  He's a mash-up some old-school, vintage 70's toys that those who are old enough will remember quite fondly. This is the new style of toys that the Sucklord will be producing (with a higher quality look).  He is limited to 40 pieces and costs $35.00.

The Deluxe Suckpegs come with a cool miniature "environment" for them to sit in. In the case of the Micronugget, he comes with a cool "Moonscape" base for him to explore.

Best Buy Exclusive South Park Figures

Mezco Toyz has teamed up with Best Buy to
offer two popular figures from the award winning South Park cartoon series.  The pair will be available exclusively at Best
Buy brick and mortar stores as well as online.


first figure is Motorcycle Cop Cartman dressed as a policeman from
the fan favorite episode where he takes over for Officer Barbrady and
enforces the respect his “Authority” upon all of South Park.



The second figure is Frozen Kenny from the controversial episode
where he meets one of his most unique demises.  In a desperate bid to
save the town’s hospital, Kenny finds himself electrocuted and frozen
to an outdoor generator.

Horton the Elephant: Artist Series


Sideshow has released photos of the artwork that will be adorning the first two designs in the Horton the Elephant Artist Series.  Produced by Super Rad Toys, the 9" tall rotocast figure is the title character from the film Horton Hears a Who.

The above design, by Jeremyville, is limited to a run of 400 pieces.  The slightly more limited Tragnark design, pictured below, is limited to 300 pieces.


What’s New at Tainted Vision

NYCC 2008: ToyQube


The display at the ToyQube booth included a number of their original pieces: Sharky, Kanser, Kaniza, DCTO.  I must say that I'm liking the Billy Bananas mini figures that they had on display.  I really like the retro look...and only slightly light the crotch grabbing the figure is exhibiting.


ALBOTAS Soopa Show Videos

The crew from made it out to the Soopa Show in NYC last weekend.  If you couldn't make it, they have a great video (above) of customs from the show as well as a great interview with Erick Scarecrow

The video below is of Manny Galan's custom Dookie-Poo Soopa.  Manny did an amazing job on this one.  He an iPod inside of the Soopa that loops a short animated movie featuring Dookie-Poo in classic video games.  Amazing!

Go Hero’s Buck Rogers Progress


If you've been following the progress of Go Hero's 1/6 scale Buck Rogers figure, then you probably know that they've revealed photos of Buck's head sculpt, helmet and outfit design.  While the pants below are blue, they will actually be "camel" on the final product. What color is camel?  Umm...go to a zoo to find out.


Down The Bunny Hole


The Down The Bunny Hole show will be hosted at Rivet...a vinyl art and toy gallery located in
Columbus, Ohio.  The exhibition will showcase custom 10″ Labbit
figures designed by Frank Kozik.  The show is being curated by Matthew Weekley of Vinyl Requiem.

Opening night will take place on May 3rd (opening 7PM through 10PM) through May 31st, 2008.

Artist List:
Jenna Colby, Matt Weekley, Brian Covey, Doktor A, Mar Hernendez
"malota", Annie Owens, Kathie Olivas, Andrew Bell, Chris Ryniak,
Motorbot, Adrian Pina "APina", Julie West, J. Neth, Jimmy Pickering,
Kari Byron, Tammy Haye "TMH", Frank Kozik, Sharon Bell, Brent Nolasco
"B", "Coolvader" Matt Morris, Amanda Spayd, Leecifer, Mike Maas, Okkle.

Designer Toy & Art Gallery
1200 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43201