Tonner’s Lady Action Figure

Tonner Doll Company has revealed a full-length photo of their Lady Action Tonner Character Figure. The 16″ tall doll features their Tyler 2.0 head sculpt with a blue lycra body … Read More

Tonner’s Batman 1966

It seems like more folks are getting the license to produce Batman figures based on the classic 1966 Batman television series featuring Adam West as the caped crusader. Tonner has … Read More

Tonner Doll’s Catwoman 1966

Fans of the classic Batman television series can now get their own Julie Newmar…sort of. Tonner Doll Company has introduced the 1966 Catwoman Tonner Character Figure.  The figure features the 16″ … Read More

Sheldon Cooper Tonner Character Figure

Tonner has announced the first of their Tonner Character Figures from The Big Bang Theory – Sheldon Cooper. Featuring an authorized portrait of Jim Parsons on a 17″ tall Matt O’Neill body … Read More

Tonner – The Avatar Collection

Tonner Doll Company has released the final details regarding The Avatar Collection (Neytiri and Jake). Available and shipping on December 9th 2013. Only 20 of these will be available to … Read More

Tonner previews Lady Action

Captain Action Enterprises is teaming up with Tonner Doll Company to release a new Lady Action 16-inch collectible doll. Lady Action was introduced in 2007 as part of the Captain … Read More

Tonner’s Willy Wonka

Tonner has revealed a new Tonner Character Figure that is currently available for pre-order. The Willy Wonka TCF features a Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka face sculpt (and while there … Read More

Tonner’s Bella Cullen TCF

Tonner Doll Company has revealed a new Twilight Dressed Tonner Character Figure – Bella Cullen. Limited to a run of 500 pieces, the 16″ tall doll features a Kristen Stewart … Read More

Tonner tells A Christmas Story

Tonner Doll Company has revealed their Ralphie figure from the holiday classic – A Christmas Story. Featuring a Peter Billingsley head sculpt, the 12″ tall figure includes his glasses (unbroken) … Read More

Tonner’s Warm Bodies TCFs

Tonner Doll Company has revealed the Warm Bodies Dressed Tonner Character Figures that will be a part of their 2013 Mainline Release. The R figure will be a limited edition … Read More

Tonner’s Dr. Seuss Collection

Tonner has announced The Dr. Seuss Collection. High Fashion plus Dr. Seuss. Consisting of three figures (The Cat’s Hat, Sam I Am, and Truffula), they can be purchase separately or … Read More

Tonner’s Katniss Character Figure

Tonner Doll Company has announced details of the first figure from The Hunger Games license. Katniss uses a Jennifer Lawrence head sculpt on a 16″ Tyler bending wrist body. Her … Read More