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NYCC19: NECA Exclusives

NECA has announced their fall convention exclusives, which you'll be able to pre-order online or grab at their New York Comic Con Booth #110. If you can't make it to NYCC, these will be available from NECA on September 5th and 6th 2019 (1PM ET each day) with a set number dropping each day.

The exclusives include the Batman/Aliens 7-inch Scale Action Figures, featuring Batman and “Joker” Alien, and the Green Lantern (Classic) 7-inch Scale Action Figures, featuring Green Lantern and “Sinestro Corps” Predator. Each 2-pack set will be available for $60.00.

SDCC19: NECA Exclusives

NECA has announced the six convention exclusives that they will be bringing to San Diego Comic Con 2019 and Booth #3145. They are the following...

DC/Dark Horse: Batman vs Predator 2-Pack - 7-inch scale action figures. Batman features a fabric cape and comes with a gun and bat accessory. The Predator features 2 heads, removable backpack, retractable wrist blades and spear accessory.

DC/Dark Horse: Superman vs Aliens 2-Pack - 7-inch scale action figures. Superman features a fabric cape and comes with attachable eye blast effect. The Alien has a bendable tail.

T2: Ultimate John Connor with Dirt Bike - 7-inch scale action figure. The figure includes 2 interchangeable heads, removable backpack, hacking device, and Endoskeleton arm in display case.

The Karate Kid: Kreese - 8-inch tall clothed action figure. The fearsome sensei of the Cobra Kai dojo wears his black gi and sports his distinctive tattoo of a fist clutching a cobra. 

IT (2017): Etched Pennywise - 7-inch tall action figure. The figure includes 2 head sculpts and two balloons.

TMNT (1990 Movie): “The Capture of Splinter” 4-Pack - 7-inch tall action figures. The set includes Splinter (with cloth robe), Shredder (with cloth cape), and two Foot soldiers, plus plenty of extras: manacles, a cardstock crate, and a weapons rack for storing all the Foot clan accessories.

Spyro the Dragon – 7-inch Scale Action Figure

NECA has released their 7-inch scale Spyro the Dragon action figure. From the classic video game, the purple dragon measures nearly 8 inches in length with tail straightened. He’s fully articulated, including ball jointed wings, segmented tail, hips, ankles, chest and more.

The Spyro figure can currently be picked up over at

Halloween (2018) – Ultimate Laurie Strode Action Figure

NECA has announced the two-way action figure debut from the 2018 Halloween movie. The Ultimate Laurie Strode action figure is not only the first ever figure of the character, but the first to feature the authorized likeness of actress Jamie Lee Curtis. The 7-inch tall figure features over 25 points of articulation. The figure comes with a number of accessories, including two heads, a shotgun, a rifle, a revolver, and a knife that fits into a sheath on her hip. The Ultimate Laurie Strode figure is slated to be released in Q2 of 2019 and can currently be pre-ordered over at

Gremlins – 7-inch Scale Action Figure – Ultimate Stripe

For fans of excellent 1980's Christmas films, NECA has released the latest figure from their Gremlins line. The Gremlins – 7-inch Scale Action Figure – Ultimate Stripe comes straight from the 1984 film - Gremlins. The 7-inch scale figure (it stands about 6 inches tall) features an all new head with Stripe’s signature white mohawk and an all new body with over 25 points of articulation, including ears and jaw. For maximum mayhem, he comes with chainsaw, skateboard with rolling wheels, saw blade, and interchangeable hands.

You can currently pick up the Ultimate Stripe figure over at for $39.95.

Deluxe Crash Bandicoot with Jet Pack

NECA has released the Deluxe Crash Bandicoot with Jet Pack, a 7-inch Scale Action Figure. First seen in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, the jet pack is a vital piece of equipment on certain levels. The figure stands 5.5 inches tall and has a head sculpt unique to this release. Look for this figure to be available over at

NECA’s The Nun – 8” Clothed Figure

From the film The Nun - the terrifying movie in The Conjuring Universe - NECA has announced an equally terrifying news figure - the 8-inch tall The Nun Clothed Figure. The demon Valak takes action figure form, featuring a full fabric habit and an additional interchangeable head (you figure out which one is creepier). Look for the figure to hit retail shops in Q1 of 2019.

NECA – IT Action Figure – Ultimate Well House Pennywise

From the 2017 horror film adaptation of Stephen King's classic novel - IT, NECA presents Pennywise the Dancing Clown - Ultimate Well House Pennywise. Based on Bill Skarsgård’s portrayal of the nightmare-inducing clown, this 7-inch scale figure is here to help your kids sleep at night. To recreate several of the most terrifying scenes from the movie, this version features 4 all-new head sculpts, a fencepost that can be inserted into one of the heads, a new monster right hand, new grabbing hands, and an additional new left hand. 

Look for this version to be available beginning in Q1 of 2019. If you're looking for some of the previously released NECA Pennywise figures, check out this link at

GameStop Exclusive IT (2017) Ultimate Pennywise

NECA has announced the release of the GameStop Exclusive IT (2017) Ultimate "I <3 Derry" Pennywise figure. Revealed during San Diego Comic Con 2018, the GameStop exclusive version of the IT (2017) Ultimate Pennywise action figure was initially scheduled for October, but will be releasing early. This figure has an exclusive bloody deco, a lenticular front panel, and comes with Georgie’s severed arm accessory. You can pick one up from GameStop for $34.99.

Possessed Ashy Slashy Puppet

NECA is giving you the chance to terrorize your friends and enemies with your very own replica Possessed Ashy Slashy puppet from Season 2 of Ash vs. Evil Dead. You might remember that the company previously released the regular (non-possessed) version, but this one features the little puppet after he goes full-on demonic. This 15-inch tall working puppet replica features jagged teeth (you can move the mouth), creepy eyes, and a serrated chainsaw blade.

The puppet (along with the original version) is already available to purchase over at