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SDCC 2009: MINDstyle


If you were walking through the SDCC exhibit hall and thought that you were transported to a tropical island with Lilo and were actually just walking past the MINDstyle booth. They had their custom Stitch show on display, but I was just waiting for a luau. We got our first chance at seeing Michaul Lau's vinyl take on The Godfather. And the limited edition SDCC Exclusive MINDstyle Box Set was available for your purchasing pleasure.

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MINDstyle SDCC Exclusive #7

MINDstyle Blog 2

MINDstyle's limited edition 2nd Anniversary Box Set
will be released exclusively at SDCC '09 and direct to ATS
members.  The Box Set, which includes glossy black and white versions of 5 figures, is limited to 200 sets worldwide. Look for it to retail for $130.

MINDstyle's Buff Monster 3" series figure by Buff Monster
MINDstyle's Popaganda Circus Sideshow series - Mask Mouse Murphy mini figure by Ron English
MINDstyle's Scavengers series - Two Faced Hazel mini figure by Kathie Olivas
MINDstyle's Serv-O-Matics series - Slap Happy mini figure by Brandt Peters
Mechtorians series mini figure by Doktor A  (Note: The set comes with
one of six randomly packed Doktor A Mechtorians series mini figures.)

MINDstyle Taipei Toy Fair Exclusives‏


MINDstyle will be releasing a trio of vinyl art toys for Taipei Toy Fair. The first is the 9″ Two-Faced Hazel from Kathie Olivas. This is a larger figure based off of the chase figure of the same name from the Scavengers Series 1. The TTF edition of Two-Faced Hazel will be released in Taipei for USD $100.00 and is limited to 200 pieces.


The second exclusive will be Kathie Olivas' Daisey. Taken from her tremendously popular Scavengers series, this TTF exclusive mini figure will be released in Taipei for USD $20.00 and limited to 200 pieces.


Finally…from one of summers hot new mini figure series launching this month, the Serv-O-Matics by Brandt Peters. This is the first exclusive outside the states, and the Testbot will be released in Taipei for USD $20.00, limited to 200 pieces.

Metallic Blue Obese Alien


With Ron English's mini figures making its way to retailers in late August, MINDstyle x Ron English x Toy Tokyo will release a very special color version of the Obese Alien mini figure (from the Popaganda Circus Sideshow Series) at San Diego Comic Con for $20.00 and available exclusively at Toy Tokyo's booth #5237. The edition is limited to 200 pieces worldwide.

The Obese Alien will be the chase figure from the Popaganda series. And this metallic blue version of the alien Buddha should sell out fast.


Scavengers Series 2 Cosmic Pennie Mini Figure


MINDstyle has announced their 4th San Diego Comic Con Exclusive - the limited edition Cosmic Pennie. Taken from her tremendously popular Scavengers Series 2, this SDCC exclusive mini figure will be run $20.00 each and limited to 200 pieces.

Dedicated fans know that Kathie Olivas' art and toys regularly sells out and instantly command higher secondary market prices. So, don't miss your chance to get a Scavenger collectible at Toy Tokyo's booth #5237 before it's too late. 


Popaganda’s Mouse Mask Murphy

Mouse Mask Blog 1

Ron English is teaming up with MINDstyle to release the first limited edition exclusive from his forthcoming Popaganda Circus Sideshow series. His mini figures will be making its way to retailers in late August with an exclusive mini figure of Mask Mouse Murphy being released at San Diego Comic Con for $20.00 and available at Toy Tokyo's booth #5237.

The advance release of Mask Mouse Murphy will certainly be sought after and highly collectible with only 200 pieces available.

Mouse Mask Blog 3
Mouse Mask Blog 2