No Time For Love, Dr. Jones

DynomightNYC presents No Time For Love, Dr. Jones. This limited edition Bumrush figure is available for $65 each. There are only 3 pieces worldwide…so you’ll be in exclusive company. Each … Read More

Merry Chanukwanzmas

Dynomight NYC – J-R00, JBat, Bumrush and The Cthulhu Juice Crew – sent along our first holiday greetings in 3-D. So put on your SegaScope 3-D Glasses from your old-school … Read More

C-Boogie Sneak Peek

J-Bat and JRoo have both posted up a sneak pick photo of the next Cthulhu Juice Crew figure – C-Boogie. This guy should be dropping soon, with only 15 pieces total available. This is the latest collaboration between DynomightNYC and…

REVIEW: Cthulhu Juice Crew – DuckSauce

Background DynomightNYC – the same folks who released the Bumrush rotocast vinyl figure – have teamed up with The Sucklord on their Cthulhu Juice Crew series. The first figure in the series – DuckSauce – was limited to only 35…