Imperium Park

Wilde Imagination Imperium Park 1

Inspired by the fashions of Steampunk with a story that could have originated from the pen of Jules Verne himself - Wilde Imagination presents Imperium Park. Their newest line of dolls, fashions, and accessories, each designed by artist Robert Tonner, consists of the following characters and outfits:

Basic Phin - $99.00
Basic Thea - $99.00
Basic Imperium Park Collection - $169.00
Phineas Jules Bennett - $185.00
Theodora Curiosity Bennett - $165.00
Air Ship Escape (outfit only) - $140.00
Military Theory (outfit only) - $140.00
Air Ship Captain (outfit only) - $140.00
Clockwork Hypothesis (outfit only) - $140.00
Apothecary Case - $39.00
Imperium Park Collection - $975.00

Wilde Imagination Imperium Park 2

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