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Urban and Firefly Treeson


Two brand spanking new Treesons will be shipping from Crazy Label Toys this November.  Bubi Au Yeung has designed these editions and named them Urban Treeson (black and orange) and Firefly Treeson (glow-in-the-dark with fireflies inside).  These photos are of the pre-production figures, and we've included some artwork from the new Treeson stories. 

The Urban Treeson has a SRP of $20 and will be limited to 1,500 pieces worldwide.  The Firefly Treeson is a little more rare with only 500 pieces available and a suggested retail price of $29DKE Toys will be distributing these figures in the US and Europe.


Yeah Kou from Mr Clement


YEAH KOU: (pronounced YAY-GOO) designed
and sculpted by Mr Clement will be shipping from Hong Kong to DKE Toys (the wholesaler) very

Limited to 500 pieces worldwide.
5 inches tall, poly-stone, in full color box.

Retail $38


YEAH KOU Phobia a Mr Clement Graphic
A beautiful 48 page full color story. Approx 9x9
inch perfect bound softcover book. First in the

Retail $16

LA-LA From Munky King and Kii Arens


The first toy from artist, designer, and photographer Kii
is sure to please both mods and toy collectors.  Standing 7"
, its working eye light glows while its magnetic feet keep
LA-LA (produced by Munky King) firmly planted on all metal objects.  The figure is packaged in a printed plastic tube simulating Kii's lightbox piece "Highway
None."  Battery is included.

Less than 400 of each color (glossy black & pearlescent white) are
available for wholesale from DKE Toys.  Look for them to retail around $40. Update


Undoboy has updated his Super Bastard Box Art website.  There is a pretty cool feature.  You'll need to check out the 360 degree view for each of the 16 figures.  If you're interested in picking up any of the toys, they now have a retail section up.  DKE Toys is the distributor for the Super Bastard figures.

New Figure From mr clement


Look for the limited edition figure - mr.Yeah Kou - from the mind of mr clement.  It will be 5" tall and limited to a run of 500 figures.  Look for Yeah Kou to arrive in October.  DKE Toys will be taking care of the distribution for this figure.

New From Esc-Toy and Erick Scarecrow


ESC-TOY is proud to present the first ever ESC-TOY TEE GUIDE for fall 2006.  This catalog will carry new material in the form of graphic tees for men & women from designer & ESC-TOY founder Erick Scarecrow.  The theme of these limited edition tees range from an old school hip-hop feel along with all new distinctive characters that seem to have jumped from your vinyl collection onto your shirt.

This has been a long time coming.  I have designs from the LIQUIS SERIES, SHITAKES COLLECTION, and some of my other new material.  I wanted to make a nice blend and offer something for everyone.  This is the premiere guide, so I promise you there’s going to be many more.” Said Erick Scarecrow.

They will be distributed by DKE Toys.

REVIEW: 9″ Blank BUD and NADE



Jamungo’s BUDs (Blow Up Dolls) were one of the most popular blind-boxed toy lines of the past year.   The 3.75” line was made up of 10 different designs on the same basic body.  NADEs were made in the same scale as their BUD brethren.  They were initially created in 2 colors – Grey and Orange.

Due to the lines’ popularity, Jamungo decided to create a 9” line of the figures.  They have started off with blanks (white BUDs and NADEs) and will introduce 2 Kozik NADEs in October.



Both figures are packaged in the same military-like window-front box.  There are a few drawings, but this is a figure the collector will want to remove…so he or she can eventually customize it.

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Franken Monkey from Atomic Monkey


The new Franken Monkey will be hitting shelves soon.  Out on his own and ready to explore. Our curious little friend escaped from the lab just in the nick of time...or did he?  This little guy comes to you straight from the lab at Atomic Monkey.  Each piece is 3.5" tall and was designed and sculpted by the mad scientists at the Monkey.  Limited to 500 Brown, 400 Mint Green, 300 Black, and 300 Magenta.  They will retail around $15.  Also, check out the photo of the 7" vinyl figure with removable brain and GID eyes.  These figures will be distributed by DKE Toys.


Now Shipping From adFunture

Two new adFunture products are set to begin shipping out in the near future.


Teddy Troops Series 2 will start shipping out in late September.  Each figure is about 3.5" tall and will be individually packaged (NOT blind boxed).  The 4 variants in the series are designed by Flying Fortress, Alexone, D*Face and Dave the Chimp.  They will retail around $10 each.


The Fafinettes Set (Jeanette and Claude) will start shipping in October.  Each figure stands around 8" n height.  They are packaged separately, but sold as a set.  Only 2,000 sets will be produced and they should retail around $100 per set.  If you're a fan of Fafi's'll want to grab these!

If you are interested in carrying these figure, both of these products are being distributed by DKE Toys.

REVIEW: Undoboy’s Super Bastard Toys



Undoboy’s first venture into the designer toy world is the Super Bastard line of paper toys.  The line was inspired by old ‘mix and match’ books he would peruse through as a youth.  The toys do their best to combine pop culture icons and imaginary characters like Uncle Sam, Saddam Hussein, a clown, Mother Teresa and George W. Bush.



The line is blind boxed…so you are essentially getting a paper toy inside of a paper box.  The packaging has drawings of the characters you might find inside, which is helpful when purchasing a blind boxed line.


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