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Anna Chambers’ Lucy Owl Plush


Anna Chambers' Lucy Owl limited edition plush will be the first in her designer series.  Lucy Owl will be available in the original burgundy color, as well as a chilly blue limited colorway.  Lucy Owl is fun and vibrant! She loves to make new friends and dance to her own tune.  She's made of soft fleece, with a screened owl print on her belly, and is being distributed by DKE Toys.

REVIEW: Yira: Dragon of Doom



The most feared creature of fantasy & folklore…the dragon has caused castles to crumble & villages to burn. In approximately 250 AD, dragons began to overwhelm the northern countries. The Shokunin, named Merlin, came from the East to find a noble warrior. Merlin found St. George and forged for him Excalibot, a suit of arms that was light as air and sharp as a sword. St. George slew all the dragons but one...Yira. In the final battle, St. George pushed Yira into the mouth of a volcano. Merlin used magic to collapse the walls of the volcano, sealing Yira in a rocky tomb. For centuries Yira has waited, swelling in power and rage, to exact his revenge.

Yira: The Dragon of Doom is the newest character to be released from Go Hero’s Mechabot line of kaiju inspired toys.   One of the many enemies of the hero Mechabot, Yira follows Tentikill as the third vinyl figure released by the company.



There is no packaging to speak of.  The vinyl figure comes with a small tag that wraps around the Yira’s neck.

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Michelle Valigura’s Robot Girl


Switcheroo is Michelle Valigura's and
Amanda Visell's new company.  Their first release is the 14" tall plush
robot - Robot Girl - that Michelle has designed and hand made.  Each piece has
a velcro hatch to reveal who really is running the show and will retail around $28.  They are being distributed by DKE Toys.

Kozik’s Sho-Po Plops


Kozik's Sho-Po Plops just arrived at DKE Toys and are
ready to ship to retailers. Each individual blind box piece is approx 2 inches tall. There are 6 different styles, White, Black, Glow in the
Dark, Pink, Murder and Rare Chase not pictured. The Chase is 1/20
so generally a complete set comes in a box. The best part of
these smoking plops is that they are to scale with Kid Robot's 10"
Smorkin' Labbits
and come in similar colors.  Look for them to retail around $6 each.


REVIEW: Evil Icecream Plushies



If the name Kerry Horvath sounds familiar to you…it’s because she is Uglydoll creator David Horvath’s sister.  Kerry, along with fellow LA based artist Darth Rimmer, have created a line of ice cream inspired characters known as Evil Icecream.  Both artists enjoy eating ice cream (who doesn’t?), but they believe it’s inherently evil.  I blame it for the love handles!

Kerry and Darth have hooked up with Lazysmash to bring collectors a line of plush dairy delights.  Evil Icecream (the orange creamsicle looking character) and Ice Clown (maybe pistachio ice cream in a cone??) are the first two characters released.



No packaging with these plush figures, but they do have tags that list all of the characters in the Evil Ice Cream line.

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Yo Ho Ho…


This just washed ashore at wholesaler - DKE Toys.  With a gold tooth and gold earring,
this Pirates of the Caribbean Cheshire Cat, by Span of Sunset, is
ready to ransack any vinyl toy collection!  This  8" long and 8" tall variant will limited to 500 pieces and retail around $75.


REVIEW: Franken Monkey Resin Figures



Out on his own and ready to explore. Our curious little friend escaped from the lab just in the nick of time...or did he?

Atomic Monkey has created a few new products based on their monkey mascot.  The Franken Monkey resin figure has been designed and sculpted by Roberto Jhareghi and is available in 4 different colors.



The Franken Monkey resin figures are boxed in a rather ordinary brown cardboard box.  There’s not much reading, nor are there any product photos on the box.  The resin figure is securely packed in styrofoam, to avoid any breaking.


The Figures

The 3” tall Franken Monkey resin figure is currently available in 4 different colors – black, brown, green and pink.  The sculpt is similar on all of the colorways, however there are some slight differences in the color combinations.  The character is in a Frankenstein-like pose, with its tongue hanging out.  They are all secured to a black, circular stand for easy displaying.

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Pirate Boy from Shag


The Shag Pirates of the Caribbean Pirate Boy has arrived at the distributor - DKE Toys.  Both the Color and Sepia versions are limited to 500 pieces each.  However, only 300 of each are available for wholesale as Disneyland will be
getting the rest and you know how those Disney Shag fans are...

Pirate Boy is being produced by Span of Sunset for Disney.  The figure stands at almost 10" tall and comes in a really great clear display
box with Shag art front and back. Suggested Retail Price is $60. 

9″ Kozik Anarchy Nades


Jamungo's 9" Kozik Anarchy Nades are set to hit the distributor - DKE Toys - this week.  These will be the first designed 9" Nades available to collectors.  You were previously able to pick up the blanks, but that's just not the same as having a Kozik...right?  Look for the Black version to retail around $70, while the more limited white will go in the $100 area.  Also...this release might have the first parental warning for box art!


REVIEW: Attaboy’s Fuzzy Axtrx



Attaboy and Rock America are back at it with a new variation on their widely popular Axtrx vinyl figure.  The Fuzzy on the Outside Axtrx is currently available in two different colors – hot pink and jet black.  If you remember, the Axtrx is supposedly the physical embodiment of the asterisk (*). 



The old, cartoonish-style green box has been replaced with an updated window-front box that more closely resembles Attaboy’s current artistic style.  There is a special insert, written by Attaboy, that talks about the elusive glow-in-the-dark Fuzzy Axtrx.  Does it really exist?


The Figures

The Fuzzy Axtrx figures use the same sculpt and mold we saw used on the original green Axtrx.  What has changed is that the figures are now flocked and fuzzy.  They are approximately 4” in height and made of rotocast vinyl.  Every Axtrx figure includes 5 interchangeable mouths.  Both versions (pink and black) are limited to a run of 250 pieces and are running around $25.

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