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ESC Toy’s Mousey Miccis


ESC-Toy has announced the release of Erick Scarecrow's 12" tall Mousey Micci plush line.  There will be 3 different colorways - known as Super Hi-Tech Mousey Suits - that are armed with different abilities.

Mousey Micci is the only surviving alien from his armada that made it through an asteroid belt on their way to conquer Earth.  What happens when Mousey Micci lands in New York City will be revealed in the future.

Look for each colorway to retail around $25.  Wholesale inquiries should be directed to DKE Toys.


Coot by Wilfrid Wood


If you've never seen Wilfrid Wood's amazing artwork, you're missing out.  (They might not be for younger readers due to his tallywacker being exposed)  Most of his sculptures are made out of sculpey, but the above Coot figure is a limited edition vinyl figure.  The 7" tall figure will be a run of approximately 400 figures and run in the area of $65.  Wholesale inquiries should contact DKE Toys.

Harriet Carney Now Available


Step right up, step right up and feast your eyes on Carnival Cartoons' newest vinyl figure - Harriet the Bearded Lady.  She is the newest addition to The Carney's line, which features the heavily tattooed Buzz Carney.  We've seen the prototype, but the lady with the 5 o'clock shadow and the red bustier is now available to purchase.  The red edition is limited to a run of 200 pieces, so be sure to pick one up before she shaves that wonderful Amish beard.  Look for the 7 3/4" tall figure to retail around $54.99.  Wholesale inquiries should be directed to DKE Toys.

Big Money Limited Edition Necklace by MAD


Random Nature has hooked up with MAD to produce a limited edition necklace entitled Big Money.  Each piece, and 30 inch ball chain, are crafted of sterling silver plated with 18k gold.  The necklace comes boxed with a signed and numbered gold foil pressed print - by MAD.  The set is contained in a black leatherette case with an outer white box and vinyl Big Money gold logo. The set is limited to an edition of 250 pieces and will retail around $100.  Wholesale inquiries should contact DKE Toys.

The Galaxy Bunch


The Galaxy Bunch 3" Virus Series is a line developed by Michael Kwong.  The 3" mini line consists of 9 different figures.  Each piece is packaged on a blister card and comes with a copper chain. There are 1,500 of each character produced, however, only 500 sets will be making their way to the US.  Look for them to retail for $12 each.  For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.

Baseman Seatbelt Bags from Harveys


Gary Baseman and Harveys are releasing 4 different limited edition bags made from 100% real seatbelt material.  The large satchels measure 13" long by 8" tall by 4" wide.  These include the Creamy Large Satchel, Marilyn Large Satchel and Venison Large Satchel.  While these are geared more towards the ladies, they will be releasing a messenger bag for the men.  The Venison Messenger will measure approximately 11" tall.  They'll be retailing between $240 and $280.  Wholesale inquiries should be directed to DKE Toys.


Spok-spoks Set For Release


The first set of Spok-spok plushies are ready to be released upon the public.  The Spok-spok and Spokelina figures are 11” tall, they have magnets in their hands, and come packed in a cotton bag.   Look for them to retail around $20.  This is the first release from Spok-spok creator Daniel Svanberg.  In a couple of months, two more plush characters from the Spok-spok universe will be released.  Wholesale inquiries should be directed to DKE Toys.

Daniel Svanberg is currently working on his first vinyl toy, and his next solo show which will take place at Monkeyhouse in LA in February.


Wagamo from Kaijubento


Inspired by Japanese culture, Dr.Spagh is an evil professor who wants to conquer the world
with his creatures.  Now, the first monster is ready to conquer your home town!

Wagamo is designed by Jean-Marie Sauve and manufactured by Kaijubento.  The figure will be available in green and black editions with 500 pieces of each colorway.  Look for Wagamo to be released in September and retail around $20 each.  Wholesale inquiries can be directed to DKE Toys.


Yeah Kou Colorways from Mr Clement


Mr Clement has released four new 5" tall Yeah Kou polystone figures.  These are some of his regular figures that were painted in special colorways.  Each of the four variants is limited to 51 pieces, is hand painted and some even include handmade clothes. 

The above figures are named Yeah Kou Matthew and Yeah Kou Suzy, and each should retail around $70.  The below figures are Mr. Orange Yeah Kou and Mr. Yellow Yeah Kou and should retail around $54.  Wholesale inquires should contact DKE Toys.


Hello Maggot from Purple Flavor


When you were a little kid, you probably dreamt of the day when you would be abe to cuddle with you very own plush maggot.  Well...maybe not.  But if you did, Shane Geil from Purple Flavor has designed a 7" tall plush named Hello Maggot just for you.  Each plush comes with either Pink Rat or Tan Bunny pajamas and they're limited to 500 pieces in each style.