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She’s Crafty…


Here's a new piece of artwork from one of my personal favorites - Ken Keirns.  Titled ... And She's Just My Type, this 11x14 oil on board is for the Under the Influence: An Official Tribute to the Beastie Boys show at Gallery 1988.  The opening reception takes place on Thursday, January 8th, 2009.

Save Trash Make Art


Chad Carothers has sent us news about a new project he's working on.  Save Trash Make Art makes good use of what some folks might consider junk.

It occurred to me a while back that with the amount of spraypaint I use for my large mural work, there ends up being a lot of empty cans. Instead of discarding them to fill up a landfill or riverbed I started to save them. At the time I wasn't sure what I could do with them, but none the less kept them around. Well, I figured it out...recycle the empty cans (trash) into something worth keeping (art). Some of these cans have a theme while others seem to become 3D doodle pads for me ,but all of them are now original works of art. The rust, dents, scrapes and bumps found on these cans become an integral part of the artwork adding to the finished product. No two will ever be exactly the same. I am offering these at a very fair price of $45 (shipping included) in an effort to promote keeping things clean. I will be adding more as soon as time allows.


A Little Stranger Prints


Artist Holly Stanway has made a number of prints available via her A Little Stranger website (actually through her Etsy site).  The prints are mostly limited to runs of 30 pieces and ship from the UK.  Look for them to run around $50 each.

Skulliphant Racer Screenprint


The Skulliphant Racer print is a limited edition 3-color screenprint on high quality paper.   Measuring in at 13" x 19", the print is available from for $25.

About the print:

The Skulliphant Racer is a wonderful insight into the nightmare prospectus of giving a giant ghoulish elephant a high-powered racing car. Imagine! The magic sound of screeching tires! The smell of pointlessly wasted gasoline! The havoc it would wreak!

New Work from El Maz

El Maz has a number of new limited edition plushies available, so we'll let him describe them:

Now that I am back home from the show, I wanted to share
my contributions to the Monster Art Rally show. The plush figures were done in
collaboration with Lina Britton, and they look fantastic in person. The plush
figures are her artistic interpretation in plush format of my characters. They
really raise the bar for what plush figures are (in my opinion) because they
have features like embroidered eyes/facial features and have a very polished
feel to them. I am super proud of what she was able to accomplish with



Title: Fred's Dream Part 4, Section A (Entangled)
Medium: Pen and ink and acrylic paint on watercolor paper
Size of Artwork: 16" x 20"
Size of Frame: 18.5" x 22.5"
Price: $723


Title: Fred's Dream Part 4, Section B (As The King Awaits)
Medium: Pen and ink and acrylic paint on watercolor paper
Size of Artwork: 9" x 12"
Size of Frame: 11.5" x 14.25"
Price: $361


Frederick J. Carrotson the 4th, also known as Fred the
One-Eyed Carrot
. He can be seen here sporting his brand new tentacle belt, along
with 2 of his children, Barney and Stanley. The tentacles on his belt are wired
and can be posed. Fred stands approximately 12 inches tall. These 3 are sold
as a set and are priced at $223.


Henry Q. Heartleford the 2nd, also known as The King of
. He can be seen here with his 3 children: Prince Monroe, Prince Sven, and
Prince Chaz. The King of Hearts stands approximately 8.5" tall. These 4 are
sold as a set and are priced at $178.


Count Herbert Von Spiderton the 8th, also known as Herbie
the Headless Spider
. The body is approximately 8 inches long, and with the legs
it is approximately 17 inches wide. The red heart on his back is embroidered.
The legs are wired and can be posed Herbie is priced at $156.


Lady Buttersley. The wingspan is approximately 10 inches,
and the tail length is approximately 21 inches. The tail/tentacle is wired and
can be posed. Lady Buttersley is priced at $156.


Edward R. Squidman Jr., also known as Squiddles the
Somewhat Giant Squid
. Squiddles is approximately 35 inches tall. The tentacles
are wired and can be posed. Squiddles is priced at $206.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these, please
send Katie an email at

Sketch For Change


Twenty-one artists at the recent Baby Tattooville art retreat contributed to Sketch for benefit Barack Obama's Campaign.  Those artists include: Ana Bagayan, Gary Baseman, Glenn Barr, Tim Biskup, Luke Chueh, Dave Cooper, Ara Devejian, Bob Dob, Gris Grimly, Thomas Han, Julita Januszewska, James Jean, Joe Ledbetter, Lola, Brandi Milne, Mark Murphy, Daniel Peacock, Shag, Jegg Soto, Nathan Spoor, and Amanda Visell.

The original drawings are up for auction on Ebay, which ends Oct 25th.  And they're also inviting people from around the world to send a Sketch for Change to be part of a Group Art Show in Vegas on Election

The Anatomy of a Lego Man


You might have seen Jason Freeny's Anatomical Schematic of a Gummie Bear.  Well, this time he's taken the iconic Lego mini figure and dissected him...for your visual pleasure.  Wow!  And I thought they were just made of plastic inside.

David Lanham’s “The Last House”


David Lanham has posted a new print just in time for Halloween.  The Last House is available as an 11" by 17" print (edition of 30 pieces) or you can download the artwork as a background for your computer.

Big Licker Custom Prints


Lunartik (aka Matt Jones) has developed a pretty fun site where you can actually go and customize an art print.  The Big Licker is a made to order 8" square giclee print that's signed and dated.  And the fun part is that you can choose both the background color as well as the tongue color.  This allows for hundreds of possibilities.


Wish You Were Here!


Ben the Illustrator announced the launch of Wish You Were Here! - a new
range of art prints that consists of twelve brand new pieces (along with five of Ben's most popular prints from the past several years).