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New From Gary Taxali


Gary Taxali has a new limited edition giclée
print for sale entitled Love
.  This 24.5" x 35" (image area 19.25" x 30") print retails for
$300 CDN and is an edition of 150 pieces. He also placed his Don't Call Me character onto a t-shirt (available for $32 CDN). Both of these can be purchased via Taxali's online shop.

Jason Freeny Honors Moms Everywhere


If you were searching for the perfect gift, why not get your mom or grandma or wife a nice print from Jason Freeny. Or if they're not into amazing artwork, you can always treat yourself. From now until May 10th, you can receive 10% off all of Jason's prints.

After Midnight – Erykah Badu

Los Angeles based visual artist Steven Lopez features soul goddess Erykah Badu in his latest addition to the “After Midnight” series, a collection of portraits celebrating notable musicians. One hundred copies of the limited edition Giclée prints, signed by Badu and Lopez, will be available for sale beginning April 15th at midnight, exclusively at

Jimbot’s Idiot Box Show Paintings

Jimbot sent us photos of his two submissions for the Gallery 1988 "Idiot Box" show that opens on April 2nd.


"A is for Android"
Size: 14x18 inches
Medium: Acrylic on Masonite panel

This piece shows what the A-Team would look like if they were all robots...and if the "A" in A-Team stood for "Android".


"Grape Soda Teardrops"
From: "ALF" Season 1, Episode 3
Size: 9.75x12 inches
Medium: Acrylic on Masonite panel

This piece shows the scene from the episode where ALF is running away because they think ALF ate the family cat. He is going to find the cat and bring it back to them. While he was writing his goodbye letter, he spilled some grape soda on the paper, and called them teardrops.

ePostcard #68 – Brass Knuckle Bob‏


McCarty Photoworks ePostcard #68 shows off Michelle Valigura's Brass Knuckle Bob. The photoshoot took place at the famous Sultana Bar in Williams, AZ. Both Brass Knuckle Bob and the below pictured Gary Grenade (also photographed by Brian McCarty) are part of the Concealed Weapons plush line.


Pink HotChaChaCha Painting


A Gary Baseman original - the Pink HotChaChaCha painting
- is now available for purchase for the first time ever.  This
one-of-a-kind painting - created to celebrate the release of the pink
HotChaChaCha vinyl toy - is acrylic on wood panel and measures 15 1/2" x

For serious
inquiries, please contact Susan Ledgerwood at No word on any pricing. I usually guess that means it's not cheap.

Star Wars Galaxy Series 4


Since the release of the original STAR WARS movie in 1977, Topps has
brought the magic of the big screen to the tiny trading card, inspiring
millions of kids worldwide and defining a genre. In the following 30 plus
years, Topps has continued to push the boundaries with such innovations as
widescreen cards, foil stamps, and motion cards, evolving far beyond the
old wax paper and crappy gum packets of yesteryear.

Enter the Sketchcard. Traditionally, these one off sketchcards
have been produced by Comic book artists, animators and fantasy
illustrators, all known artists within the Star Wars community. Until

Reaching out to the vast world of street artists, toy designers, and
underground pop mutants, Topps has pushed the limits once again. With the
debut of the first die-cut sketch card, artists outside the traditional
realm of Star Wars illustration have put their own stamp on these little
canvases in the shape of Darth Vader and Stormtrooper helmets. STAR WARS
Galaxy 4
is a radical, art-oriented collection that showcases rare and
offbeat imaginings of the Star Wars cannon. It is the perfect venue from
which to unleash this new experiment in Star Wars collecting. Star Wars
Galaxy 4 is available now in most comic and hobby shops or from

J-Roo’s Star Wars Galaxy 4 Cards


After seeing J-Roo's Star Wars Galaxy 4 sketch cards listed up on ebay, Dynomight NYC has decided they want to know where their 150 sketch cards have ended up. So they've put together a fun little "contest" for all of those Topps card collectors.

Send me a snapshot of the sketch card with the pack of cards you opened. I want to post where my cards have ended up. In
return for getting one of my sketch cards I will send you a nice little
simple sketch (about the size of a postcard) as a congrats for getting
one of my cards. What will the sketch be of? Who knows? I mostly draw
monsters and robots all day. It will be along those lines.

Malpas Moe from Leecifer


Lee Gajda aka Leecifer recently finished his "Malpas Moe" (resin figure) and "Returning Home" (painting) for the Phillips de Pury Auction (March 09 London).  The resin measures 4"x6" and the painting is 9"x24".  If you're looking for some background about the character - Malpas is a fallen angel who can appear as a crow.


New Prints from Rudy Fig


Rudy Fig has teamed up with Wizard Sleeve Toys to bring a trio of her limited edition prints to the masses. Each of the signed archival prints are limited to runs of 50 pieces and will run $124.99.  The one we have featured above is called Blues Labotomy [sic], but you can find all three by going to the Wizard Sleeve Toys site and searching for Rudy Fig.