SDCC19: DKE Toys Exclusives

DKE Toys will be set up at San Diego Comic Con 2019 over at Booth #2643 with oh so many exclusive releases.

KRBtronic by Manly Art. 24 pieces. $135.00
Boba Wood by Edwin Salas. 40 pieces. $100.00
Bounty Hunter by Dustin Benzing. 25 pieces. $65.00
Art Trooper Series: Pablo by RYCA. 50 pieces. $55.00
Start Wars by RYCA. 50 pieces. $45.00
The Amazed Spandex-Man by Anthony Lister. 25 pieces. $120.00
Blob of the Blob by Brendan Monroe. 50 pieces. $100.00
El Bar2D2 by Carlos Ramirez. 50 pieces. $100.00
Cardboard by Barminski. 25 pieces. $100.00
Luker by Mark Todd. 30 pieces. $55.00
Keanu by Mark Todd and Janky Toys. 20 pieces of each style. $65.00 each
The Great Showdowns by Scott C. 50 pieces. $100.00
Mary, Mother of God by Dogman Toys. 25 pieces. $65.00
Captain Müstaardschnag by Acquired Taste Industries. 25 pieces. $85.00
User of the Force by Punk and Pop Toys. 30 pieces. $55.00
False Idol: The Dark Lord by ADi ADi. 30 pieces. $75.00
Chanloh Sa Mou Rai by Attack Peter. 40 pieces. $80.00
Regurgitated Ideas by Killer Bootlegs. 100 pieces. $25.00
OU-812 by Buzzard Guts. 30 pieces. $55.00
Space Wars & Dragons by For The Love Of Old Toys. 25 pieces. $45.00
Wood T-1000 by by Danny Wicked. 30 pieces. $65.00
Symbiotetrooper by The Katerpillar. 25 pieces. $55.00
Chewbactus by Flat Bonnie. 20 pieces. $100.00
Darth Bones by Mike Egan. 20 pieces. $75.00
Game of Wars: Lord of Winter Star by Topztoy. 30 pieces. $45.00
Straight Out of Tatooine by Oh Anat / Kidding Toy. 50 pieces. $55.00
Lazertronic Sticker Pac by Suckadelic. Set of 12 stickers. $10.00 each


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