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Nendoroid Winter Soldier: Infinity Edition DX Version

GoodSmile has announced the pre-order details for their Nendoroid Winter Soldier: Infinity Edition DX Version from "Avengers: Infinity War". The fully articulated Nendoroid figures includes a miniature Rocket figure, various weapon effect parts, and a Wakanda-themed base. It comes with three interchangeable face plates (serious expression, shouting expression, and gritted teeth expression) and a special interchangeable arm.

Look for this figure to be available via around $70.00. The pre-order runs through July 31, 2019, with a release in November 2019.

Symbiosis by Sad Salesman

From the playful imagination of Brooklyn's own Eric Althin, aka Sad Salesman, comes Symbiosis - a mystical woodland creature controlled by three interchangeable head symbionts. Produced by Clutter Studios, the 8.25-inch tall includes three interchangeable heads, possible arms, and a removable club accessory. This Woodland Colorway is a limited edition of 150 pieces. It can be purchased via the Sad Salesman Website for $85.00.

Masters of the Universe Wave 5 ReAction Figures

Super7 has released their new Masters of the Universe Wave 5 ReAction Figures. The She-Ra Assortment features 7 new 3.75-inch tall figures. The new collection includes She-Ra, Hordak, Gizzlor, Mantenna, Shadow Weaver, and two versions of Modulok (with different heads). You can currently grab these from Super7 for $15.00 each.

Pop! Marvel 80th Series Additions

Funko's back at it...helping you celebrate 80 years of your favorite Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains. The Pop! Marvel 80th Series is expanded with a first appearance Pop! Cyclops, Pop! Angel, Pop! Beast, and Pop! Marvel Girl.

You can currently pre-order these for $10.99 over at

Backcountry – ORBY Plush

Artist Ryusuke Kitamura has released what might be the creepiest collectible I have laid my eyes upon. From Backcountry, the ORBY is handmade and sewn with a leather-covered resin face and limbs with a soft fur. You can pick one up via the above link - if you live in Japan - or check out the Backcountry etsy site. The etsy shop has a few Smaller ORBY plushies available for $48.00.

Pop! Disney – The Santa Clause Series

Funko is obviously getting ready for the Christmas season as they have announced two new Pop! Figures from their Pop! Disney - The Santa Clause Series. The two announced figures feature Tim Allen’s character - Scott Calvin - as full-fledged Santa plus Santa wrapped in holiday lights.

Look for these figures to be available to purchase over at

Mezco Designer Series – Deluxe Batman (1989)

Straight from Tim Burton’s 1989 ground breaking film, the folks from Mezco have announced the new Deluxe Batman (1989) joins the Mezco Designer Series. The MDS Deluxe Batman (1989) features an all-new movable eye function. The collectible figure includes a Batarang, grappling gun, and 6 interchangeable hands. The 6-inch tall Batman features 12 points of articulation. You can currently pre-order one for $38.00 plus shipping. Look for it to begin shipping between December 2019 and February 2020.

Clearly Da Best Twertle Release

High Proof Toys has released their newest Twertle colorway - the Clearly Da Best Twertle colorway. This is their first ever double casting, featuring a hologram pigment shell suspended in clear resin. This version is a limited edition of 7 pieces and will run $35.00

Along with this colorway there will also be 3 one-off colors available for $40.00.

SDCC19: Furry Feline Creatives Releases

Furry Feline Creatives has announced their 2019 San Diego Comic Con Exclusives. You'll be able to pick these up at Booth #4435 (also, they're currently taking pre-order via the Furry Feline website).

Handmade Jumbo Super Toasty Avocadog - $70.00
A new super hero is born. Bogie dressed up as Super Toasty Avocadog, this is the Jumbo edition equipped with magnetic chili pepper sword and sunny-side egg shield. The plush measures 16 inches tall and is 100% handmade by designer artist Cheri Lynn Ong.

Handmade Jumbo Ultrasoft Poop Plush - $38.00
Furry Felines is known for their crap. Now, you can experience the softest poop plush you can ever feel using an ultrasoft fluffy fabric. The plus measures 12 inches tall and is 100% handmade by designer artist Cheri Lynn Ong.

The Bull, The Dead & The King Throne Set - $50.00
Furry Feline is introducing a new character in the set - the bull. These are interchangeable magnetic poop plushies that connects to the toilet throne and makes a flushing sound. King Poop and Zombie poop measures 6 inches tall while the bull measures 7 inches in height. The Toilet Throne measures 5 inches.

Purridge & Friends Collage Window Backpack - $60.00
Furry Feline Creatives is bringing their officially licensed Purridge & Friends x Serendipity bags in Asia to United States for the first time ever. This full size backpack made from Nylon with leatherette backing and straps with a heart shaped window where you put all your Furry Feline enamel pins.

Kickstarter: Boomer & Doomer – Designer Vinyl Toys By Wolf Pits

Artist Ryan Taft (Wolf Pits) has gone the Kickstarter route to produce his first collectible toys - Boomer and Doomer. The series reminds my of the BUD series produced by Jamungo back in the day. But Boomer and Doomer measure in at 6 inches in height. The figures will be available in three different colorways: White; Black; Kickstarter Edition Green

You can grab one of these at the $35.00 funding level. The Kickstarter Edition colorways can be picked up at the $45.00 level.

This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Thursday, July 4th 2019 at 11:25PM ET.

As I say with all Kickstarter projects I post about. Remember...this is not a pre-order. There are many instances of crowd funded projects that have been funded never making good on their promised goods. So back all Kickstarters with caution.